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2017 Arnold Palmer Invitational Purse and Prize Money Breakdown

2017 Arnold Palmer Invitational Purse and Prize Money Breakdown


We’re only a few hours away from the start of the Arnold Palmer Invitational and excitement is definitely building for this prestigious Tour event. It’s bound to be one blockbuster tournament with Jason Day (+1,200) and Rory McIlroy (+650) headlining the 120-man field. Considering that the Arnold Palmer Invitational is one of the most popular events on the PGA calendar, it stands to reason that this event is bound to reward its golfers in a more handsome manner than the other tour stops on schedule.

Exactly how much cash is at stake in Orlando this week? Let’s all find out below. And for a complete look at the upcoming action on the greens, check out our in-depth preview and sleeper picks for the Arnold Palmer Invitational right after this.

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2017 Arnold Palmer Invitational Purse Breakdown

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The Total Payout

There is money to be made in Bay Hill. The Arnold Palmer Invitational boasts a total purse of $8.7 million, making it the richest PGA Tour event this side of the majors, The Players Championship and World Golf Championships. That’s excellent news for this week’s field considering the total payout last year amounted to only $6.3 million. To put into perspective the difference in winnings, defending champion Jason Day earned $1.134 million in prize money last year. That’s $432,000 less than the amount the Arnold Palmer champion will receive this year. Finishing second in this tournament ain’t bad either with the runner-up receiving a payout of $939,600. On the other end of the leaderboard, the 70th or so golfer to make the cut this week will take home around $17,400.

The Complete Breakdown

Finish Payout Amount
1st $1,566,000
2nd $939,600
3rd $591,600
4th $417,600
5th $348,000
6th $313,200
7th $291,450
8th $269,700
9th $252,300
10th $234,900
11th $217,500
12th $200,100
13th $182,700
14th $165,300
15th $156,600
16th $147,900
17th $139,200
18th $130,500
19th $121,800
20th $113,100
21st $104,400
22nd $97,440
23rd $90,480
24th $83,520
25th $76,560
26th $69,600
27th $66,990
28th $64,380
29th $61,770
30th $59,160
31st $56,550
32nd $53,940
33rd $51,330
34th $49,155
35th $46,980
36th $44,805
37th $42,630
38th $40,890
39th $39,150
40th $37,410
41st $35,670
42nd $33,930
43rd $32,190
44th $30,450
45th $28,710
46th $26,970
47th $25,230
48th $23,838
49th $22,620
50th $21,924

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