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2017 ATP US Open Purse and Prize Money Breakdown

2017 ATP US Open Purse and Prize Money Breakdown

The 2017 US Open may be the last Grand Slam on the tennis calendar, but it’s still in first in terms of prize money among the four major tournaments following another significant bump for this year’s event. Find out how that whopping $50 million purse will be distributed among the 2017 US Open competitors.

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2017 ATP US Open Prize Money Breakdown

Purse Amount (US Dollars)
Champion $3.7 million
Runner-up $1.825 million
Semifinalists $920,000
Quarterfinalists $470,000
Round of 16 $253,625
Round of 32 $144,000
Round of 64 $86,000
Round of 128 $50,000
Total $50.4 million

The 2017 US Open champion will receive a whopping $3.7 million of the $50 million purse, a good $200,00 bump from the $3.5 million last year’s champion, Stan Wawrinka, took home. But with Wawrinka, Andy Murray, and Novak Djokovic all missing from this year’s tournament, the door is wide open for Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal to win all that cash.

The US Open runner-up is set to make a nice chunk of change as well, with the alotted $1.825 million prize money around $100,000 more than last year’s sum. There are also incremental increases all the way down till the round of 128, where losing players still get an even $50,000.

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