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2017 Australian Open Women’s Final Expert Picks and Predictions

2017 Australian Open Women’s Final Expert Picks and Predictions

Nothing in women’s singles tennis competition can compare to a head-to-head Williams sisters finale, which makes the Australian Open Final clash between siblings Serena and Venus all the more captivating. These two femme fatales have collectively ruled the WTA Tour with their iron hands for the better part of the new millennium, which makes predicting Saturday’s winner quite a daunting feat.

Or is that really the case up until now? Let’s find out below what a handful of the internet’s experts have to say about this weekend’s blockbuster showdown between the greatest pairing of siblings to have ever played the game.

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2017 Australian Open Women’s Singles Final Expert Picks

Line: Serena Williams (-550) vs Venus Williams (+375)

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Bleacher Report

Expert Prediction
Joe Kennard Serena (2 sets)

Featured columnist Joe Kennard didn’t hesitate in predicting Serena to win the final in two sets. He said that Serena has too much riding on her upcoming match, with the possibility of winning her 23rd-career Grand Slam title to surpass Steffi Graf for the most Grand Slam titles won in the Open Era. Not only that, but the younger Williams will reclaim her throne as the No. 1 female tennis player in the world with a victory as well.

Kennard further stated that Serena has the capability to extend the contest to longer sets than Venus, but it’s not as if she’ll need it this Saturday given her confidence and dominant performances from the tournament.

WTA Addict

Expert Prediction team Serena (2 sets)

Similar to Bleacher Report, the team from the long-running female tennis blog WTA Addict also sided with Serena prevailing with a two-set victory. The site mostly agreed with Kennard’s analysis, but also mentioned that Serena greater power and mobility than her older sister as we speak.

Last Word on Tennis

Expert Prediction
Yesh Ginsburg Serena (2 sets)
John Lupo Venus (3 sets)
Steen Kirby Serena (2 sets)
Jeff Crady Serena (2 sets)
Ryan Schick Serena (2 sets)

Four of the five members from Last Word on Tennis – to no surprise by now – went with Serena winning the final in Melbourne in two sets. However, writer John Lupo prevented the unanimous, straight-sets vote for Serena from happening by picking Venus to go the distance and emerge victorious.

Lupo argued that we can still put faith in Venus to have one last monumental victory if she can exhibit great poise on second serve, which was what got her to the final round after doing as such against up-and-comer Coco Vandeweghe. Furthermore, Lupo also mentioned that Serena has yet to face a true challenge in her six matches in Melbourne, and there’s nobody better than her own sister that can push her to the very limit this Saturday.

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