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2017 French Open Purse and Prize Money Breakdown

2017 French Open Purse and Prize Money Breakdown

The French Open has continued to lag behind in terms of prize money among the four tennis Grand Slams, but the event organizers have moved to further reduce that gap this year. They’ve raised the total prize money for Roland Garros 2017 from €32 million ($35.8 million) up to €36 million ($40 million). Let’s find out how all that cash will get broken down below.

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2017 French Open Prize Money Breakdown

Tournament Finish No. of Players Payout Amount per Player
Winner 1 €2,100,000 ($2,350,000)
Runner-up 1 €1,060,000 ($1,186,000)
Semi-finalists 2 €530,000 ($593,000)
Quarter-finalists 4 €340,000 ($380,000)
Round of 16 losers 8 €200,000 ($223,000)
Round of 32 losers 16 €118,000 ($132,000)
Round of 64 losers 32 €70,000 ($78,000)
Round of 128 losers 64 €35,000 ($39,000)
TOTAL 128 €13,560,000 ($15,180,000)

The table above shows how the money will be broken down in the men’s and women’s singles tournaments. The 128 players who reach the men’s and women’s main draws will divvy up the €13.5 million allocated to those tournaments. The remaining €9 million will go to prize money for qualifying rounds, and other events like doubles and wheelchair.

The men’s and women’s French Open champions will obviously get the biggest piece of the pie. They will each receive €2.1 million or $2.35 million, a jump from the €2 million ($2.24 million) that was awarded last year. That’s certainly good news for Rafael Nadal (-140) and Simona Halep (+325), who are currently the big favorites to win their respective tournaments.

However, the more significant jumps have come in the prize money for those who will exit in earlier rounds, specifically from the first round until the quarterfinals. The prize money for those French Open participants got increases in the region of 16 percent compared to last year’s amounts.

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