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2017 Hottest Women in Sports Right Now

2017 Hottest Women in Sports Right Now


Admit it, you guys: the only reason you watch women’s sports aside from the sports themselves is that you just want to scout for smokeshows. Let’s make your life easier by presenting you our choices for the hottest women athletes today.

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Top 10 Hottest Women in Sports Right Now

Melanie Adams

Adams is an Olympian pole vaulter representing the Land Down Under. She also has dreams of one day representing Australia in the Miss Universe. Hey, with looks like that, she’s very welcome to do so, at least in our books.

Maria Sharapova

Who cares if Maria isn’t a top 10 player anymore and that she’s been found guilty of juicing up? Sharapova was suspended by the International Tennis Federation for use of a banned substance, but that’s not going to affect her inclusion on this list of ours.

Skylar Diggins

She has a different name now, having married her high school sweetheart last year. That’s not enough to stop the entire bro populace from grabbing their copies of S.I.’s 50th Anniversary Swimsuit issue and fantasizing about this hot WNBA baller.

Natalie Gulbis

Go watch the LPGA and it’s going to be next to impossible not to take notice of Natalie Gulbis, who’s easily one of the hottest chicks to EVER roam a golf course.

Danica Patrick

Patrick hasn’t won anything this season, but this petite bombshell never fails to run over us with her looks that’s as sharp as the left turns at Darlington Raceway.

Blair O’Neal

Gulbis isn’t the only fine creature on the LPGA Tour, as Blair O’Neal is also making the women’s golf scene ooze with sexiness. For men who don’t think much of golf, O’Neal is one big reason why you should start paying attention to it.

Rachael Cummins

MMA is a dangerous sport mostly dominated by men, but every married dude knows that women could fight too. And Cummins is one nasty girl that thrives inside the octagon. She also happens to thrive inside our fantasies.

Winifer Fernandez

Fernandez is a Dominican volleyball player who captured the attention of the male kingdom when a video went viral not because of some highlight-worthy spikes, but because of her stunning caboose. And that she keeps on diving for balls as a libero only amplifies more the soul-draining sight of her derriere bouncing all over the floor.

Sydney Leroux

Leroux is truly an American pride and that we’re blessed to have her part of our national soccer team.

She’s as athletic as she is hot, and the fact that she hasn’t shied away from showing her body off just give us a big reason why we should tune in more to soccer.

Paige Spiranac

She’s a golfer, but Spiranac seemingly has more Instagram game in her. She’s the type that would make Tiger Woods sacrifice his marriage just to be with her. And it seems like she’s into Tiger too. Or is it just me after looking at this photo in which she’s wearing Tiger’s vintage red-top, black-bottom getup?

Starting this week with a smile☺️

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