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2017 MLB World Series Expert Picks and Predictions

2017 MLB World Series Expert Picks and Predictions

Looking back at our early expert picks and predictions (in March 2017) for this season’s MLB World Series, it seemed to be a certainty that either the Cubs or the Red Sox would be in the mix. Well that didn’t happen.

Instead, here we are on the eve of game 1 of the 2017 World Series, between the Los Angeles Dodgers and Houston Astros, at Dodger Stadium. This is the Dodgers first World Series in nearly three decades. The Astros on the other hand were here 12 years ago, back in 2005, albeit as a National League team.  Today, we have curated a list of expert picks and predictions so that you can make the most educated wagers possible moving through the series. Just remember to sign-up first!

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Expert Picks and Predictions for the 2017 World Series as of October 24 2017

New Jersey Real Time Sports (

Joe Giglio LA Dodgers in 6 resident expert Joe Giglio expects the Astros to blow at least one game late, thus blowing an key opportunity while the Dodgers will close out winnable games. Giglio also likes Kershaw to capture the MVP award while Chase Utley knocks in the series-winning run in Game 6.

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CBS Sports (

Jonah Keri LA Dodgers in 5
Bill Reiter LA Dodgers in 5
Dayn Perry LA Dodgers in 6
Matt Snyder LA Dodgers in 6

The folks over a CBS Sports appear to be sharing the same brain, with all six (we just featured the top four above, for the sake of avoiding redundancy) unanimously picking the LA Dodgers in either five or six games. At least they’re mixing it up when it comes to series MVP, with names including Chris Taylor (Keri), Corey Seager (Reiter), Kenley Jansen (Perry), Clayton Kershaw, and Justin Turner (via R.J. Anderson) in their candidate picks.

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 David Schoenfield LA Dodgers
Sarah Langs Houston Astros (in 5)
Bradford Doolittle LA Dodgers
Andrew Marchand Houston Astros

Drawing upon a writer staff of 35, we’re at least seeing some picks in favor of the Astros, even though the grand total gives a clear edge to the Dodgers (see results below). Big names at ESPN (in the table above) are split, with the boldest (Sarah Langs) liking Houston in 5 games. You can’t help but wonder if at least half of these Astros picks (13 of 35 writers) are made just to provide some differentiation, but if Houston does pull it off there will be some serious bragging points being doled out to those who went with the underdog.

Dodgers 22, Astros 13

Dodgers in 7: 7 picks
Dodgers in 6: 14 picks
Dodgers in 5: 1 pick

Astros in 7: 4 picks
Astros in 6: 8 picks
Astros in 5: 1 pick

The biggest critique of the Houston Astros comes down to the their lack of a reliable bullpen (lefty), which won’t be able to compete with the depth of a Dodgers bullpen (which fires on all cylinders). However, Andrew Marchand makes a good point about the strong-at-home Astros – if they can pick off a game or two on the road, they may very well walk away with this thing. And if you bet accordingly, you may walk away with a pretty big payday.

Writer’s Prediction (@

Los Angeles Dodgers in 6.

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Bet current odds on the Dodgers vs Astros

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