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2017 The Northern Trust Purse and Prize Money Breakdown

2017 The Northern Trust Purse and Prize Money Breakdown

Hideki Matsuyama arrives in Glen Oaks Club looking to add more to his pace-setting FedExCup 2,869 points. Justin Thomas is right behind him with 2,689 points so Matsuyama can’t simply just relax in this tournament. Even if he’s a million points ahead, though, Matsuyama simply won’t take his foot of the pedal – not with a boatload of money at stake.

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2017 The Northern Trust Prize Breakdown

The Total Payout

Apart from the 2,000 FedExCup points that will be rewarded to the last man standing in this tournament, a bag full of cash amounting to $1,575,000 will also be taken home by the champion. Well, just a check really. Giving someone a literal man purse stuffed with wads of dead presidents is certainly going to make that golfer a prime candidate for a Coen Brothers’ flick topic. The runner-up won’t go home with nothing to show his wife/girlfriend, as he’s also bound to haul back a cool sum of $945,000. You can even finish 70th in this tournament and still boost your earnings with $17,500. Sweet!

The Breakdown

Finish Payout Amount
1st $1,575,000
2nd $945,000
3rd $595,000
4th $420,000
5th $350,000
6th $315,000
7th $293,125
8th $271,250
9th $253,750
10th $236,250
11th $218,750
12th $201,250
13th $183,750
14th $166,250
15th $157,500
16th $148,750
17th $140,000
18th $131,250
19th $122,500
20th $113,750
21st $105,000
22nd $98,000
23rd $91,000
24th $84,000
25th $77,000

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