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2017 WTA US Open Purse and Prize Money Breakdown

2017 WTA US Open Purse and Prize Money Breakdown

The US Open doesn’t just give you world-class tennis action but also presents us another reason to feel pathetic about how much money we earn off of our daily nine- to-five jobs. While some of us are waiting for a decent salary increase for years, the US Open committee has upped the ante of its event’s prize, which gets a $4-million upgrade from last year’s. In total, the US Open lays out a total pot of $50.4 million, nine percent more from the 2016 purse sum.

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2017 WTA US Open and Prize Breakdown

Prize Money Table

Round Prize Money
Champion $3,700,000
Finals $1,825,000
Semifinals $920,000
Quarterfinals $470,000
Round of 16 $253,625
 Round of 32 $144,000
 Round of 64 $86,000
 Round of 128 $50,000

The Breakdown

The US Open is all about equal pay, so Amy Schumer, if you’re reading this right now, pick up a racket and learn tennis. The champion of the women’s singles side is set to earn as much as the champ over at the men’s bracket. That’s $3.7 million. The pay for the runner-up isn’t too shabby, either, as reaching the finals guarantees a player of $1.82 million. Semifinalists will be promised checks worth at least $920,000, while quarterfinalist will get their bank accounts injected with no less than $470,000.  Those who’ll crack a spot in the second round will get $86,000. Not bad at all.

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