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2019 US Open Tennis Purse and Prize Money Breakdown

2019 US Open Tennis Purse and Prize Money Breakdown

The 2019 US Open is the final chance of tennis players to nab a Grand Slam title this year. But let it also be said that the prestige that awaits the winners of the men’s and women’s singles tournaments at Flushing Meadows is perhaps just as salivating as the money that is waiting to be deposited to the eventual winners’ bank accounts. The total purse for each of the singles brackets is at a dizzying mark of $42.86 million. Including all tournaments at the 2019 US Open, the total purse is over $57 million, the biggest in the history of the sport. 

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Updated Purse and Prize Money Breakdown for the 2019 US Open Championship Tennis Tournament Running from August 26-September 8 2019

The Total Payout

The US Open just keep on becoming more lucrative. Last year, Novak Djokovic pocketed the not only the Grand Slam at Flushing Meadows but also the grand sum worth $3.8 million. Djokovic defeated Juan Martin del Potro in the Finals of the 2018 US Open. It’s hard to feel bad for the Argentine tennis star knowing that he still received an ample amount of $1.85 million. For this year, the US Open has decided to juice up the pot, as the champions of the men’s and women’s singles brackets will each take home a pay of $3.85 million. When Naomi Osaka won her first Grand Slam last year by beating Serena Williams at the US Open, she walked away with $3 million as well. Imagine being 20 and with that much money. Even those that will strike out in the very first round of the 2019 US Open will still get $58,000, enough to wipe away the tears of defeat.

The Complete Breakdown

Men’s and Women’s Singles

Finish Amount
Winner $3,850,000
Runner-Up 1,900,000
Semifinalists 960,000
Quarterfinalists 500,000
Round of 16 280,000
Round of 32 163,000
Round of 64 100,000
Round of 128 58,000
Total $42,860,000

Men’s and Women’s Doubles

Finish Amount
Winner $740,000
Runner-Up 370,000
Semifinalists 175,000
Quarterfinalists 91,000
Round of 16 50,000
Round of 32 30,000
Round of 64 17,000
Total $6,946,000

Mixed Doubles (Per Team)

Finish Amount
Winner $160,000
Runner-Up 76,000
Semifinalists 38,000
Quarterfinalists 19,975
Round of 16 11,400
Round of 32 5,900
Total $577,500

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