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Floyd  Mayweather Jr vs Conor McGregor Expert Predictions and Picks

Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Conor McGregor Expert Predictions and Picks

The world is about to stop this Saturday when Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor shows up in Las Vegas for a million-watt fight that is expected to gross hundreds of millions of dollars. Whether you’re a diehard fight fan or just a casual spectator, you’re interested to know who’ll win this bout. With that, let’s hear what the experts and professional fighters are saying.

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Mayweather Jr. vs McGregor Expert Predictions

Bleacher Report

Expert Prediction
Chad Dundas Mayweather
Lyle Fitzsimmons Mayweather
Scott Harris Mayweather
Kevin McRae Mayweather
Jonathan Snowden Mayweather

Like a Clayton Kershaw start against the San Diego Padres, the experts over at Bleacher Report have it a shutout in favor for Mayweather. Really, it’s a no contest if you ask these guys. It’s almost funny how unanimous the predictions went and how they picture the fight is going to go down. It’s as if they were asked who’d win in a fisticuff between Mayweather and his any of his ex-girlfriends, which we all know what the answer is. Fitzsimmons, perhaps best encapsulates the group’s confidence on Mayweather by saying “The only way Floyd loses is if he dies on the ring walk. Mayweather by TKO, whenever he chooses.”


Boxer Prediction
Lennox Lewis Mayweather
Ricky Hatton Mayweather
Peter Fury Mayweather

You could see from a mile away just who the boxers are picking for this fight. Why, Mayweather of course! The dignity of the sport is sort of on the line in this bout. Should Mayweather lose, boxing is going to be a laughingstock, particularly for those who’ve long turned their backs on boxing in favor of MMA.  Should Mayweather win, Lennox Lewis and company are going to be justified. Lewis, a former undisputed heavyweight boxing champion, former junior welterweight champion king Ricky Hatton, and  Peter Fury (trainer and uncle of heavyweight  Tyson Fury) are in unison in choosing Mayweather to emerge as winner in the American’s 50th career pro boxing match per The Telegraph.

MMA Fighters

Fighter Prediction
Stipe Miocic Hopeful for a McGregor win
Eddie Alvarez Hopeful for a McGregor win
Dominick Cruz Hopeful for a McGregor win
Dan Hardy Hopeful for a McGregor win

McGregor is not without backers, though. His fellow MMA fighters are backing the Irish fighter in this weekend’s showdown. UFC heavyweight champion Stephen Miocic won’t go as far as completely saying he’s expecting McGregor to win, but nevertheless is pulling for McGregor to shock the world. Eddie Alvarez, who was the last man to face McGregor, has no doubt on McGregor’s power but doubts the brash Irish’s ability to find his target against a defensive genius in Mayweather.

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