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Hottest Female Olympic Beach Volleyball Players of the 2016 Summer Olympics

Hottest Female Olympic Beach Volleyball Players of the 2016 Summer Olympics

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There’s just something about Beach Volleyball at the Olympic Games. The men’s discipline is exciting, no question. The women’s though is above and beyond of the most watched sports going though. As far as amateur sports go that is. The 100 meter, the basketball, the Phelps medal trek in the pool – they all have their place. The ladies Beach Volleyball though is something to behold. It makes the Summer Games well worth the four year wait. Now, without further adieu, let’s count it down…

Hottest Female Olympic Beach Volleyball Players of the 2016 Summer Olympics

#10 – Jantine van der Vlist (Netherlands)

Hottest-Beach-Volleyball-Jantine-van-der-Vlist Like a slightly older (30) Emma Watson, Jantine van der Vlist makes us all want to learn a little Dutch. She has mastered the indoor court and is now competing for her country in Rio at the 2016 Summer Olympic Games.

#9 – Jamie Lynn Broder (Canada)


Jamie Lynn, also known as Jamie Broder, is a 31 year old smoke show from Victoria, British Columbia. Her Canadian partner is Kristina Valjas and they are on a tear heading into the 2016 games.

#8 – Barbara Seixas (Brazil)


Barbara has a chance to play hometown hero at the 2016 games. She was born right in the heart of Rio de Janeiro and is playing just minutes from her childhood home. She was named 2012 FIVB Rookie of the Year. She was also named an absolute knockout by TopBet just now.

#7 – Karen Cope Charles (Costa Rica)


Sure, there were some other tremendous photos of Karen online. It’s hard to argue with such a great art piece though! This isn’t KCC’s first chance on a major stage, she previously played in the 2010 FIVB Volleyball Women’s World Championship in Japan.

#6 – Mariafe Artacho Del Solar (Australia)


At 22, Mariafe could be one of the cutest girls in this whole world stage tourney thing. Her team’s official world rank is 55th, but in our hearts she is ranked near the very top. She’ll be around for a very long time and her name is as unforgettable as it is spellable (it’s a word).

#5 – Georgina Klug (Argentina)


At 32, Georgina is like the Serena Williams of Beach Volleyaball. She has the size, she has the talent and she has tenacity. She and her partner Ana Gallay put that on display when they took gold at the  2015 Pan American Games.

#4 – Kinga Kolosinska (Poland)


(On the left) – Kinga is 26 years of age out of Lublin, Proland. She is playing in her first Olympics and won’t soon be forgotten. She’s as dominant on the sand as she is on our list. An absolute knockout that will be taking the volleyball world by storm for years to come.

#3 – Joana Heidrich (Switzerland)


This is where we separate the girls from the ladies, Joana Heidrich out of Switzerland has the looks to make a kitten purr. She is at the spry age of 24 and will be on the circuit for years to come. You’ll probably recognize her already because she’s in every top ten search on earth for “Hot Beach Volleyball Players”…we rest our case.

#2 – Anouk Verge Depre (Switzerland)


If you haven’t Googled Anouk yet (IN A NEW BROWSER), you need to get on that. She is a 6’1 dominant player at the net and a huge reason that the Swiss team are being represented at the games. Yes, Heidrich (seen above) is also from Switzerland, so yes, you should be looking at the TV schedule for they next time a Swiss team hits the sand.

#1 – Marketa Slukova (Czech Republic)


It’s not even fair. Marketa Slukova could be the hottest female athlete in the entire 2016 Olympic Games. She’s 28, from Prague and is the best female beach player to ever come out of the Czech Republic. She was named FIVB top rookie in 2010 and she and her former partner finished 5th at the 2012 London Olympics. She’s hard to miss and is a no brainer for #1 on our list.

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