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How Does Belmont Stakes Betting Work? – Infographic

How Does Belmont Stakes Betting Work? – Infographic

The Belmont Stakes is the third race of the United States thoroughbred Triple Crown horse racing series. It could be a major event or the completely forgotten about ugly cousin of the circuit. To those in the know, the Belmont is a substantial weekend. To those that don’t consider themselves diehards of the equine head-to-head, it’s not really a big deal unless a horse has a Triple Crown bid going.


It’s a completely fair concern for those that don’t follow the circuit, although, the Belmont Stakes still offers quite the substantial purse. Valued at $1.5 million dollars, the prize money is almost as large as it’s local fame. Belmont Park in Elmont, NY fills up year after year with it’s largest crowd ever taking to the stands back in 2002 of 103,222.

That year War Emblem, ridden by Victor Espinoza, was in the running to become the 12th ever Triple Crown champion. He’d taken the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness already and was in the hunt for the big TC. It was not to be though as Sarava, ridden by Edgar Prado, took the win. None the less, it just goes to show that when the heat is on, the Belmont can be a highly touted major event.

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How Does Belmont Stakes Betting Work? – Infographic

Belmont Stakes infographic

Belmont Stakes Need to Know

  • First race in 1867 at Belmont Park in Elmont, NY
  • The Belmont is the third and final race of the Triple Crown series (Kentucky Derby, The Preakness, Belmont Stakes)
  • 15 horses took to the track in 1983 – the largest ever field
  • The purse for the 2016 race was $1.5 million dollars
  • The track is 1.5 miles in length
    • That is equal to 12 furlongs
  • Belmont Stakes nicknames:
    • Third Jewel of the Triple Crown
    • The Test of the Champion
    • The Run for the Carnations
  • Track Record – 2:24 (Secretariat – 1973)
  • Track Type – Dirt
  • Track Style – Left-handed

Betting at the track

Three Basic Principles to Horse Betting

WIN – You pick the winner

PLACE – Your horse finishes First or Second

SHOW – Your horse finishes First, Second or Third

Obviously, your winnings will reflect the amount of difficulty you choose. If you pick your horse to win, you’ll have tougher odds, but a higher payout than a horse that’s chosen to show.

Types of Side Bets

Daily Double

The Daily Double consists of picking the winner of consecutive races. This is a very difficult thing to do, clearly. So while the odds are against you, the payout can be very appealing!


You pick the first two horses to cross the finish line in EXACT order. It’s not an easy thing to do by any means, but it can be and has been done on many occassions. It takes courage though, so dig down deep!

Exacta Box

You pick the first two horses to cross the finish line in EITHER order. This one is a little easier and the odds will reflect that. Again though, a good pay day could be in the cards for your afternoon at the track.


You pick the first three horses to cross the finish line in EXACT order. Put on your man pants (or lady pants) and buck up. It’s not as hard as you may think.

…alright that’s not completely true. It probably is just as hard as you might think.

Trifecta Box

You pick the first three horses to cross the finish line in EITHER order. You’ve got this! We believe in you!

Betting Online

You have a few options: Individual Bet and Triple Crown Futures. Did you take a look at the links? Excellent. Now let us explain how the betting itself works.

If your horse is showing NEGATIVE ODDS (for example -200), that shows you how much you’ll need to wager to win $100.

If your horse is showing POSITIVE ODDS (for example +200), that’ll show you much you will win in return for wagering $100.

Triple Crown Futures Betting

The horse that won the Kentucky Derby was/is the only horse in contention for the TC title. If that horse won the Preakness as well, it would still be/is in contention for the biggest prize in horse racing. However, if that horse lost at the Preakness, they are out of contention and the Triple Crown would not be awarded that year.

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