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NFL Regular Season Week 2 Betting Results

NFL Regular Season Week 2 Betting Results

Week 2 featured another set of intense, hard-hitting football action. Let’s recap each game and briefly talk about how it played out for bettors everywhere.

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2017-18 NFL Regular Season Week 2 Betting Results

Houston Texans at Cincinnati Bengals

Spread: HOU +6

Final Score: Texans 13 | Bengals 9

It was an offensive struggle, but it paint out two key things – 1) DeShaun Watson is raw, but he can play, and 2) the Bengals are slumping really, really hard.

Watson was 15-for-24 for 182 yards and had five carries for 67 yards, including a scramble that turned into a 49-yard rushing score.

Arizona Cardinals at Indianapolis Colts

Spread: IND +7

Final Score: Cardinals 16 | Colts 13 (OT)

The Colts did well in terms of surviving the spread, but it’s apparent that this will be an ugly year if Andrew Luck is unable to return soon. They scored 10 in the first quarter and only three for the rest of the game.

Carson Palmer went 19-for-32 for 332 yards, one touchdown, and one interception. In OT, he drove the Cards down the field to set-up a game-winning field goal.

Buffalo Bills at Carolina Panthers

Spread: Bills +7

Final Score: Panthers 9 | Bills 3

As the score suggests, it displayed a slow-paced attack and it featured a defensive slugfest. The two only combined for 431 yards – 16 short of matching Tom Brady’s passing yards this past week.

The Bills won the spread, and the two severely missed the O/U.

Chicago Bears at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Spread: TB -7

Final Score: Buccaneers 29 | Bears 7

The Buccaneers waited an extra week for their season debut, so they came out with way more energy. They crushed the spread and routed the Bears.  Jameis Winston and Mike Evans connected for 93 yards and a TD, and the defense recorded nine QB hits/sacks and 8.5 tackles for loss.

Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Ravens

Spread: CLE +9

Final Score: Ravens 24 | Browns 10

The lopsidedness of the game is worse than the score, as the Ravens forced five turnovers and got to opposing QBs DeShone Kizer and Kevin Hogan 13 times (10 hits and three sacks), while also picking off four of their passes.

The Browns had a decent Week 1 against the Steelers, but they weren’t really expected to be saved by the spread.

Minnesota Vikings at Pittsburgh Steelers

Spread: PIT-5.5

Final Score: Steelers 26 | Vikings 9

Week 1 looked encouraging for the Vikes, but with Sam Bradford going down (knee), they returned to having a stagnant offense. The Steelers easily cruised to a commanding victory despite LeVeon Bell (87 yards for 3.2 carries) being quiet again.

New England Patriots at New Orleans Saints

Spread: NE -7

Final Score: Patriots 36 | Saints 20

This game showcased how an angry Tom Brady would play. Coming off one of his ugliest performances in the loss to the Chiefs, he took out the frustration towards the Saints and blasted their defense for 447 yards on 30-for-39 passing, as they easily covered spread. New Orleans’s D pretty much cancelled out the 356-yard, two-TD afternoon of Drew Brees.

Philadelphia Eagles at Kansas City Chiefs

Spread: KC -6

Final Score: Chiefs 27 | Eagles 20

In a clash between two teams with inspiring Week 1 wins, the Chiefs emerged as the victor. Alex Smith was smooth again (21-for-28 for 251 yards and a TD), as well as rookie running back Kareem Hunt (109 total yards and two TDs).

The Eagles offense didn’t miss a beat, though, as Carson Wentz threw for 33 yards and a pair of TDs.

Tennessee Titans at Jacksonville Jaguars

Spread: TEN -2.5

Final Score: Titans 37 | Jaguars 16

With the Jaguars fresh off a dominating 29-7 Week 1 win, the Titans quickly defused all of the Jags’ momentum, both offensively and defensively. Through Mariota’s 215 yards and Derrick Henry’s 92 yards on 6.6 yards per carry, Tennessee kept marching down the field for TDs and field goals.

Miami Dolphins at Los Angeles Chargers

Spread: LAC -4.5

Final Score: Dolphins 19 | Chargers 17

It was another heartbreaking week for the Chargers, who lost via missing a last-second field goal attempt for the second-straight week. Phillip Rivers was 31-for-39 for 331 yards and one TD.

The Dolphins did many great things too, with Jay Cutler, Jarvis Landry, and Jay Ajayi all having fantasy-friendly nights.

New York Jets at Oakland Raiders

Spread: OAK -14

Final Score: Raiders 45 | Jets 20

The Raiders simply did what was expected of them. They started moderately but proceeded to beat the daylights out of the Jets in the second half, where they made off a 21-0 run. Derek Carr completed 23 of his 28 passes and had three TDs, all of which were to Michael Crabtree.

Dallas Cowboys at Denver Broncos

Spread: DEN +2.5

Final Score: Broncos 42 | Cowboys 17

The Broncos must’ve been insulted being underdogs at their home field, because they pulled away from the Cowboys early and never looked back. The scary thing is it’s not only the defense that’s doing the damage, as Trevor Siemian powered the offense for four TD passes.

San Francisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks

Spread: SF +14

Final Score: Seahawks 12 | 49ers 9

The game was as bland as the score suggests, but it’s definitely good for the ones who put dough on the Niners, because by the late second quarter, it was clear that the Seahawks won’t be able to win by 15.

Washington Redskins at Los Angeles Rams

Spread: LAR -2.5

Final Score: Redskins 27 | Rams 20

This featured a good back-and-forth, as Kirk Cousins and Jared Goff both played decently. It went down the wire and Cousins was able to cap off a game-winning drive with a TD pass.

Jared Goff has 224 yards, one TD, and one INT on 15-for-25 passing.

Green Bay Packers at Atlanta Falcons

Spread: ATL -2.5

Final Score: Falcons 34 | Packers 23

The Falcons won the 2016 NFC championship rematch by a mile. The score was actually worse mid game, as Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, and Devonta Freeman kept pounding on the Green Bay defense with ease.

The Packers played poorly, but look for them to bounce back in the coming weeks. They are far better than the team that showed up in this game.

Detroit Lions at New York Giants

Spread: NYG -3

Final Score: Lions 24 | Giants 10

For the second-straight week, the Giants put up an embarrassing effort on national television. Odell Beckham Jr.’s return didn’t offer much help, as they continued their troubles in blocking, play-calling, and stopping opponents on third down.

The Lions simply came in and acted as if they own MetLife Stadium. Matthew Stafford had 122 yards and two TDs, and Ameer Abdullah ran for 81 yards on 5.1 yards per carry.


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