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Sportsbook 101: 10 Tips from Successful Bettors

Sportsbook 101: 10 Tips from Successful Bettors

There is no sports betting secret, strategy or trick that will guarantee you a winning pick every time. Even if you were to ask a professional handicapper or seasoned sports bettor they’d tell you that picking a winner and ending the week on a high note takes time and research. Keep an open mind to more than one statistic and other aspects that may affect the outcome of a game. And on that note…

Top Bet’s Top 10 Tips for Sports Bettors:

1. Exercise Good Money Management

It is common for beginners to start off with a small budget. That’s fine. But if you’re only going to bet on one game, it’s never a good idea to put all of your money on that one game.  The risk of losing money is a real threat and you’ll want to stretch your money as far as you can.

2. Look for Value

This is an important concept to grasp: value. For example, prior to betting on a team that may be considered favorites to win the game, you need to look at the odds being offered. Are they of any real value? In other words, is the probability of them winning better than the odds? If they are, you may want to consider placing another bet on another matchup.

3. Bet the Total (Over/Under)

New sports bettors generally lack experience predicting outcomes for totals. The process, however, is pretty straightforward: 1. Combine the predicted score (your predicted game total) of the two teams playing. If you think the game will go into overtime, remember to include that in your prediction. If your total is higher than the posted Total, the Over wins; if it’s lower, the Under wins. It doesn’t get easier than that, right? Not so fast. There is another rule among successful bettors that you may want to keep in mind: bet the Over early in the week and the Under late.

4. Try Your Hand at Player and Team Props

Prop bets (such as player and team props) are wagers placed on a game that do not have a direct relationship to the outcome or final score of a single game. They are extremely popular during bigger games like the Super Bowl, during which time you’ll see other fun props added (on the coin toss and the length of the National Anthem, among others). Although they’re not as popular as spread betting or totals betting, NFL props betting is strangely common among beginner and advanced sports bettors. This is especially true during Monday Night Football or the Super Bowl because of the amount of props being offered.

5. Get an Early Jump on Futures Betting

The basic rule for betting on futures is simple – the earlier the better. For example, with football futures betting, the best time to get some action on the Odds to Win 2014 – Super Bowl XLVIII is right after the odds go up. The same goes for hockey futures, basketball futures and baseball futures.

6. Learn How to Place Parlay Bets

You don’t have to be a statistician to win your first parlay bet. Start with a 2 team parlay bet and gradually work your way up. With weekly parlay and teaser specials, parlayable prop bets and the annual Football Parlay Challenge where you can win up to $250,000, Top Bet Sportsbook continues to have one of the best parlay betting systems in the business. For more help and information on parlay bets, check out Top Bet Sportsbook.

7. Get Real With Live Betting

If you’re like a lot of sports bettors, after you’ve placed your wager on a televised football, baseball or basketball game, you’re quick to find your favorite chair in front of the big screen and you commit yourself to watching the entire game. Successful bettors will tell you that live betting will not only bring you closer to the action, it may also bring you closer to that elusive windfall. Visit Top Bet Sportsbook for today’s featured live betting games.

8. Join Twitter and Socialize Regularly

If you’re not on Twitter, join NOW. Aside from being one of the best sources for breaking sports news, Twitter is also widely used by the some of the most recognized and followed professional athletes, sports media, handicappers — and sportsbooks like Top Bet. Create your own “Social Media Strategy” by compiling a list of influential sports betting Tweeters to follow. Factors to consider: user’s overall profile, number of followers, frequency of sports betting related tweets, and quality of info provided. Right now there’s a $10 social media bonus at Top Bet Sportsbook.

9. Bet the 2nd Half.

The excitement of having a bet on the second half is something that might help to keep you interested in the game, particularly if your first half bet isn’t looking too good. Fortunately, Top Bet Sportsbook has NFL football betting covered, from 1st Quarter betting all the way down to 4th Quarter betting… with futures and odds on your favorite NFL teams.

10.  Learn How to Use Betting Tools

Top Bet Sportsbook makes NFL football betting easy. With direct access to tools like matchup reports, schedules, trend sheets, injuries, standings, news, stats, news and weather reports, you’ve got everything you need to make the smartest bet possible.


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