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UFC 213 Expert Picks and Predictions

UFC 213 Expert Picks and Predictions


Undecided bettors for UFC 213, come one, come all! We’ve listed opinions from MMA experts around the web.

Read on below and see which fighters are great to lay down some money on!

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UFC 213 Expert Picks and Predictions

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(Bleacher Report)
(CBS Sports)
Amanda Nunes vs.
Valentina Shevchenko
Nunes (Decision) Shevchenko (Round 4 TKO) Shevchenko
Yoel Romero vs.
Robert Whittaker
Romero (Decision) Whittaker (Round 3 TKO) Romero
Daniel Omielańczuk vs.
Curtis Blaydes
Blaydes (Round 2 TKO) Blaydes (Round 2 TKO) Blaydes
Fabricio Werdum vs.
Allistair Overeem
Overeem (KO) Overeem (Round 2 KO) Werdum
Anthony Petts vs.
Jim Miller
Miller (Decision) Miller (Decision) Pettis

Nunes vs. Shevchenko

  • Jeremy Botter raved about Nunes’s ability to perform and bring an offensive onslaught no matter what, which she had shown in her TKO wins over Miesha Tate and Ronda Rousey.
    Connor Ruebusch and Brian Campbell, however, thinks that Nunes’s own aggressiveness may cost her this fight. Both believe that the champ may gas out again – similar to what happened in the first fight in 2016 – and added that Shevchenko’s stamina, patience, and fighting IQ will win the bout.

Romero vs. Whittaker

  • Campbell and Botter like Romero a lot, especially the latter, who said that Romero is the best middleweight MMA fighter today. He also added while he loves Whittaker’s rise, that rise could get stuffed by the animal he’s about to face. For Ruebusch, intimidating physique isn’t worth a lot, as he pointed out that Whittaker will win simply because he possesses three things that are needed to beat Romero – distance management, counterpunching, and takedown defense.

Omielańczuk vs. Blaydes

  • Although Botter sees Omielanczuk also having good moments on the bout, he, Ruebusch, and Campbell again agreed on the outcome: Blaydes via domination. Botter added that we should see Blaydes display a “ferocious ground-and-pound attack.”

Werdum vs. Overeem

  • Campell seems to be fine in his Werdum prediction, which was quite opposite to Botter and Ruesbusch, who admitted that this match is tough to call. The two, however, are convinced that ‘Reem, with his punching power and trust in his game plan, will be able to put away the former UFC Heavyweight champion.

Pettis vs. Miller

  • Campbell is again alone in his pick, as Botter and Ruebusch handed their votes to Miller. For Botter, he sees Miller as a scrappy warrior that “can put you on your back and then break you,” while for Ruebusch, it’s because of the veteran’s the continual improvement, no-nonsense style of fighting, and right amount of aggression.


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