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Where’s the Money on No.1 Florida vs. No.4 UCLA?

Where’s the Money on No.1 Florida vs. No.4 UCLA?

Looking to add confidence to your betting decision on tonight’s Florida vs. UCLA game? This article provides quick insights on where the public is betting and where there’s money to be made.

No. 1 Florida Gators vs. No. 4 UCLA Bruins (March 27, 9:45 PM ET)

Line: No. 4 UCLA Bruins (+5) at No. 1 Florida Gators (-5); total: 137.0

So lets take a closer look at where the public is betting.

Florida Gators UCLA Bruins
Money Line 55% 45%
Average Bet $120 $35
Point Spread 70% 30%

The Gators have been a clear favorite since the beginning of what has proven to be an epic tournament. Known for their scoring defense – 3rd in the nation (57.5 PPG) – are favored by 5 points, but that’s not stopping UCLA fans from betting on their team. UCLA, known for their offense – 12th in the nation – will put the Gators to the test in what is sure to be a close game.

So where’s the money? Well, bets on the money line are nearly split down the middle, with 55% of bettors choosing a Florida victory; interestingly, the average bet on the Gators is  four times more than those placed on the Bruins.

There’s a clear favorite when it comes to betting on the point spread, as over two thirds of bettors are confident the Gators will cover the  5 points – Gators are 6-2 ATS in last eight games.


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