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Most Hated NBA Teams of 2014 & Why We Loathe Them

Most Hated NBA Teams of 2014 & Why We Loathe Them

There are so many reasons to hate a specific NBA team. It’s easy to despise the legacy of the Lakers, the success of the Spurs or the hubris of the Heat. But when put together, which NBA team checks out on most of those qualities that make them so detestable? Let us examine these five rather unlikable franchises and see who comes out the greater or lesser evil.

These are the reasons why people hate these NBA teams:

lakers-logo Los_Angeles_Clippers_Logo NewYorkKnicks spurs-logo miami heat
Horrible Owner donald-sterling Knicks
Multiple Ringz check-mark check-mark check-mark
Star Player
Kobe_Bryant melo-anthony lebron-james-smile
A “Big Market” Team check-mark
check-mark check-mark
“Big 3”   spurs-big-3 heat-big-3
Boring to Watch check-mark
*w/o Kobe
Flopper Pau Gasol chris-paul-flop J.R. Smith Ballet Manu Ginobili,  Jordan Farmar lebron-flop
Feels Entitled to
Marquee FAs
check-mark check-mark  
Dukie ryan-kelly jj-redick shane-battier
Bandwagon Fans check-mark check-mark check-mark
TOTAL  8 5 5 4 6

Lakers the Greatest Evil

[sc:NBA240banner ]There’s no great surprise that the Lakers came out on top as the perfect blend of despicable. With a rare combination of sustained success, abrasive star and proximity to the power of LA, there’s no question as to why the Lakers are perceived with contempt, mostly by other NBA fans, envious of all they stand for.

The Heat, due to their manufactured success and demigod of a star, rank a close second. How fitting it is that the Top Two share the two most unholy of qualities — bandwagon fans and alums of Duke University.

Floppers are everywhere

Flopping is a cardinal sin in basketball, an act loathed universally. These five teams no doubt deserve their place on this list, seeing as each and every one of them carries a serial flopper in their roster. Even superstars such as LeBron and Chris Paul, individuals blessed with talents well beyond mere mortals, still find the need to embellish.

Clippers Are Unlikable Too

Though they often get overshadowed by their more illustrious neighbors, the Clippers deserve their share of the hate. Although not nearly as successful as the Lakers, they have almost twice as many detestable characters — Donald Sterling, the secretly dirty Chris Paul and the cocksure Blue Devil JJ Redick.

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