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NBA All-Star Weekend Betting Tips 2020

NBA All-Star Weekend Betting Tips 2020

The NBA All-Star Weekend is upon us. After the tragic passing of Kobe Bryant the event is serving as a tribute to Mamba and his daughter Gianna. For all intents and purposes this will be the largest and most highly anticipated NBA All Star Weekend of all time. Bettors have taken notice and are greatly invested in the affair, but after a dramatic change to the format many people are left a bit confused about how to wager throughout the weekend. Below is everything you need to know about betting on the game and entire lineup of weekend festivities, along with the best sportsbook promotions on the market.

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NBA All Star Betting Tips

Betting Tips and Promotions for the NBA All-Star Game and Weekend on February 14-16 2020

How to Bet on the New 2020 All-Star Game Format

This is where bettors are getting a bit confused this year. There has been an update to the All-Star game format, one that delivers a tribute to Kobe and to charitable causes (in his honor) at the same time. The gist? The score will reset at 0-0 at the end of each of the first three quarters. Say what? Keep reading.

Each of the First Three Quarters is a Separate Game

Yes, each of the first three 12-minute quarters will have the score reset to 0-0. At the end of each quarter, the leading team will receive $100,000 (per quarter) which will go to a Chicago-based charity of their choosing. So if Team Lebron is ahead at the end of the first quarter, they get $100K in the bank and the score resets to 0-0 at the start of the second quarter. If Team Giannis then ends the second quarter with a lead, they get $100K in the bank and the score resets to 0-0 at the start of the third quarter. This carries on into the end of third quarter.

Adding 24 to Create a Target Score (no game clock in 4th)

Once the third quarter has been completed (and the third $100K awarded) the leading team’s total cumulative score is calculated. 24-points (in honor of Kobe/Gianna) is then added to the leading team’s total cumulative score to create a final “target score”. That means there is no game clock for the fourth quarter. Instead, the first team to reach the target score wins the game. For example, let’s say that at the end of three quarters Team Giannis’ total cumulative score is 100, compared to a total cumulative score of 90 for Team LeBron. In this case, the target score is 124 (100 + 24). The first team to reach 124 wins the game.

Unique Betting Opportunities

Honestly, while well-intentioned, this format is a bad idea for fans. But for bettors, it creates unique wagering opportunities. You can still bet on the point spread and moneyline line for Team LeBron vs Team Giannis. But now you have more incentive to bet on each quarter. In addition to traditional odds, the sportsbook is offering dedicated betting lines for each quarter of the game. This format change has also resulted in a wave of new prop bets. View all available betting lines for the 2020 NBA All- Star game here:

Betting on the NBA Dunk Contest

Aside from letting Dwight Howard compete this year, this is still a big highlight of the weekend. Betting on the dunk contest is easy and fun to do. Just be prepared for a few too many 50s being doled out, which has gotten so out of hand that the sportsbook created a prop for it.

Betting on the NBA 3-Point Contest

This is also a fun one to bet on, and the recent update to the format makes it a bit more interesting. Introduced in 2020 to account for the fact that shooters can now hit from nearly anywhere, participants are now allowed two extra shots from 6-feet behind the 3-point line that will be worth three points each. Expect the winning totals to be bigger than ever!

Betting on the Other All-Star Weekend Events

The game, dunk contest, and 3-point contest are the most popular and fun to bet on, and the sportsbook as even provided a parlay promotion (see below) to include all three. But there are other proceedings you can bet on throughout the weekend, including the NBA Rising Stars Challenge and the Taco Bell Skills Challenge, along with a slew of prop bets for the wild, wacky, and quirky things that can and often happen on All-Star Weekend.

Best NBA All-Star Weekend Betting Promotions


All other online sportsbooks in the U.S. offer anywhere between 50-100% sign-up bonuses to new players. Forget that mess. Instead, TopBet is offering the only 150% sign-up bonus offer to get you ready for the NBA All-Star Weekend. For example, if you accept the offer to sign-up now and deposit $200, your account instantly jumps up to $500. That leaves you with plenty of dough to bet on the dunk contest, 3-point contest, and game along with props and other odds available through the weekend. View more on this exclusive 150% sign-up deal or simply click the banner below to claim:

NBA All Star Betting Tips


The top three highlights of the weekend include the 3-Point Contest, Dunk Contest, and the game itself. This creates the perfect parlay opportunity and the sportsbook is offering a little added incentive to get you wagering on all three. Here are the details:

  • Place a minimum of $5 parlay bet on Saturday’s 3-Point Contest and Dunk Contest, and Sunday’s NBA All-Star game
  • If you win two out of three bets, you get $10 Casino Chip
  • If you win all three, you get $20 Casino Chip
  • Enter Promo Code: NBAPARLAY to enter this promotion

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In addition, TopBet is giving you a FREE $25 Casino Chip if you place a bet on 2 or more Fun Props for the NBA All-Star Weekend. Here are the details:

NBA All Star Betting Tips Promotions

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Betting on the All-Star Weekend is more fun when you’ve got your crew putting something on the line with you. They’ll be grateful that you let them know about the 150% sign-up offer above, but when they take advantage of the deal you will benefit too. Earn up to $250 in FREE cash when you refer a friend to TopBet sportsbook. View more about this NBA All-Star Weekend refer-a-friend promo.

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NBA All Star Betting Tips

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