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Top 10 College Football Marching Band Performances

Top 10 College Football Marching Band Performances

Unlike other sports, the college football game day experience is not only full of anticipation, but a ever-growing tradition of pageantry — think of the pep rallies, the tailgating, the music. [sc:NCAA240banner ]

One of the most classic and impressive aspects of this campus show is the college marching band, continually pushing the envelope in terms of choreography and swagger.

From viral video hits and Hollywood classics to salutes to the men and women of the armed forces, it seems like there isn’t anything a marching band can’t pull off these days.

Top 10 College Marching Band Routines

10. California Aggie Marching Band: Boy Band Medley

How about a nostalgic performance by the California Aggie Marching Band from University of California, Davis?

They went with the 90’s route by learning songs from famous boy bands at the time like *NSync and Backstreet Boys.

9. Ohio U. Covers Norwegian Hit “The Fox”

Ohio University’s made good time in learning the Norwegian viral hit “The Fox” by Ylvis, pulling it off during the half-time show of the Bobcats’ Sept. 14 game against Marshall University’s Thundering Herd. this is the same troop responsible for tributes to Psy’s “Gangnam Style” and LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem”.

8. Gangnam Style (University of Oregon Style)

In this clip, members of the Oregon Marching Band prove they are expert multi-taskers, playing their instruments and mimicking the Korean pop star’s viral dance moves.

7. Texas A&M at Cotton Bowl

While they may not dance or swing, the Aggies Band’s precision and discipline make it one of the best marching bands in the country. No one uses lines and pass-throughs more than this band as they continue to amaze crowds at Aggies home games. Between the band’s military uniforms and marching style paired with the classic march music, watching the Texas A&M band seems like a trip through time with Dr. Who.

6. University of Hawaii’s Sticks Kicker

Members of the University of Hawaii’s Rainbow Warrior Marching Band came together in the shape of a stick figure and went on to kick a football. This YouTube video went viral in December 2010 and has managed millions of views.

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5. WVU Salutes the Armed Forces

West Virginia University’s Mountaineer Marching Band performs patriotic tunes and breaks into formations of an eagle, tank and air force jet in this clip. What better way to salute the men and women who have sacrificed so much for their country?

4. Ohio State Video Game Tribute

During the Ohio State vs. Nebraska showdown this season, the OSU marching band took the field at halftime and stole the show from the two teams actually playing football.

The marching band played and acted out a classic video game music including songs from Super Mario, Zelda, Tetris and Pokemon.

Get your Game Boy (if you still have it around) and play along with this great clip.

3. Beyoncé Tribute by University of Michigan

Beyoncé and the famous Michigan marching band melded into one impressive musical act as they adapted some of the superstars classic hits.

During the Sept. 7 game between Michigan and Notre Dame this year, Beyoncé made a special video appearance, followed by a Michigan Marching Band medley featuring her songs like “Crazy in Love,” “Single Ladies” and “Survivor.”

2. Ohio State’s Tribute to MJ

“Moonwalking” formation = insane!

The Best Damn Band in the Land just raised the bar with a special tribute to the one and only “King of Pop” Michael Jackson (start at 4:20).

From the “Smooth Criminal” extreme lean to the moonwalk, could the bar be set even higher by Ohio State?

1. Ohio State Hollywood Blockbuster

If you can create a chomping T-Rex marching formation with a group of 60-75 people, then that is out-of-this-world impressive.

TBDBITL did it again in the halftime show of Ohio State vs. Penn State, taking things up a notch with a tribute to some of Hollywood’s blockbuster movies.

From Superman to Harry Potter, from Jurassic Park to Pirates of the Caribbean, with a little rub on Michigan, they managed to achieve an even higher level of college football marching band greatness.

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