Forty-two years have passed since the first meeting between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys occurred, but the fire of the rivalry has intensified several fold as the decades passed. When trying to trace how the rivalry between these two teams originated gives glimpses of the hostility between the two franchises. [betnow] Grouped together in the NFC East, it was the Cowboys who tasted success first by appearing in the Super Bowl five times and winning twice from 1971 up to 1979. During that era, the Eagles were not yet a significant power in the NFC. According to the Cowboys, the rivalry took form in the 1980’s when the Eagles started to give Dallas stiff competition in the division. The Eagles’ version of the story points to an incident in 1967 when a brutal hit by a Cowboys linebacker, Lee Roy Jordan, knocked down Eagles Timmy Brown leaving him with loose teeth and a fractured jaw. Notable games that highlight the tough and gritty nature of the Cowboys-Eagles rivalry include the 1981 NFC Championship Game where Philadelphia won 20-7. The rivalry reached its apex in a game in 1989 that has since been popularly known as the “Bounty Bowl”. This game gained attention for its notoriety stemming from the accusation of Dallas coach Jimmy Johnson against Eagles’ Coach Buddy Ryan that the Ryan put bounties on quarterback Troy Aikman and kicker Luis Zendejas. Adding to the bitterness of this rivalry is the unforgettable act of Eagles fans in a 1999 meeting. In that game, Cowboys wide receiver Michael Irvin landed awkwardly on his head and was motionless as he lay on the field, the huge Philadelphia crowd began cheering loudly once it became apparent that Irvin was in bad condition. The Cowboys lead the all-time match-up in this rivalry, 59-47.