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Top Bet Casino Tournaments FAQs

Where can I find specific details for each tournament?

Details for each tournament can be found in the tournament lobby. Listed are the registration end time, tournament start and end time, minimum/maximum number of entrants, minimum/maximum hands or rounds requirements to be qualified for the prize pool and starting number of tournament chips among many other relevant details.

What’s the difference between tournament chips and real money chips?

When in a casino tournament, you only put at risk the amount you paid for your buy-in. Better yet, if you bought in for free, it means you have no real money at risk but gets the chance to win real money or free money bonus.

For every tournament a player gets the same amount of tournament chips, which holds no real money cash value but is used to keep the score in that tournament. Tournament Chips balance does not include chips in play. Real money chips meanwhile are used in casino games outside of the tournaments. Tournament chips can only be used in tournaments and not as real money chips.

What is a prize pool?

A prize pool is the total amount of prizes to be given away for each tournament. Top Bet Casino Tournaments have a guaranteed prize pool for each tournament and given to the winners on a pre-set percentage and a pre-set number of winners. Prize pool payouts vary from tournament to tournament and are detailed in the tournament lobby.

Until what time can I join a tournament?

Any qualified player may register for the tournament up until the entry cut-off time, which is posted on the tournament schedule and also in the casino tournament lobby. The cut-off time for each tournament is scheduled 8 minutes before the end of the tournament, so players can still join and register even if the tournament is on-going

Where can I monitor my performance during the tournament?

When a Top Bet Casino Tournament is in progress, the player rankings will be available on the leader board window in the tournament lobby. This window will display the players rank, players name and players tournament chips. A scrolling leaderboard and your current ranking also appear within the tournament screen while you are playing.

Are there any tiebreaker rules for the casino tournaments?

None. In case players have the same final tally, the prize is evenly split between players involved in the tie.

The tournament is over, where can I see the result?

Immediately after the casino tournament is over, the official results will be displayed in the casino tournament lobby. To remind you of your win, and how much you’ve won, Top Bet will send you an email too.

I’ve won! Now what? How can I claim my prize?

You don’t have to do anything. Once a casino tournament is done, all real money and free money winnings will be automatically credited to your account within 5 to 15 minutes! In case of prizes other than real money, Top Bet will send you an email on how claim that special prize.

Ooops! I forgot I signed up for a tournament; can I still enter late and play it?

You may log in and join the tournament. As long as you meet all the conditions for that tournament you are still eligible to join and win.

What happens if I get disconnected during tournament play?

Don’t worry, we have some rules in place if and when you get disconnected from the system while the tournament is on-going:

  • The game will continue even if you are disconnected.
  • If you reconnected while the tournament is still on-going, you can continue play in the tournament from exactly where you were prior to the disconnection.
  • If you do not reconnect, your tournament score or the total amount of your tournament chips during the time of your disconnection will be considered your final score.
  • Game or tournament malfunction voids all plays and pays.

I’ve won! Can I withdraw my winnings from my account?

Depositing players can withdraw real money free roll winnings without restriction. Depositing players must turn free money free roll winnings into real money before withdrawing. Depositing players are players who have made at least one cash deposit into their account. Non-depositing players can withdraw free roll winnings after having rolled over their prize money 25 times in the casino and sportsbook.

When can I use my “free money”?

Free money winnings cannot be used in the casino and/or sportsbook unless the player has an equal or more amount of real money dollars in his account. For example, if a player has won $10 in free money but does not have any real money in his account, he will have to deposit at least $10 in order to utilize the free money.

Can the “free money” in my account be used for tournament buy-ins?

Yes, your “free money” balance will be used in tandem with your real money at a ratio of 1 to 1 when buying into casino tournaments. For example, when buying into a tournament that costs $2, $1 will be deducted from your real money balance and $1 from your “free money” balance. “Free money” will not be used while playing the actual casino tournament; tournaments are played with tournament chips and not your real money balance.

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