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TopBet customer service is trained to make your gaming experience as carefree as possible. We're committed to resolving all support needs in a timely and professional manner. Give us a call or send a quick email and our friendly team will have you ready to enjoy everything TopBet has to offer.

TopBet Hotline: 1-888-998-9045

E-mail Customer Support: [email protected]

How to get started?

Setting up an account is easy. Once you open an account here, you can deposit money and start playing instantly in our casino or bet on your favorite sports! You can also play our games for free without creating an account by using “Practice Mode.”

How do deposit bonuses / Free Money work?

Since we offer different types of deposit bonuses, we encourage you to read the details of each initial or reload bonus you’d like to accept to better understand their associated conditions and rollover requirements. All bonus information is available on our Promotions page.

In the sportsbook and casino, the bonus dollars (FREE MONEY) and principal balance (REAL MONEY) are used at a 1:1 ratio until the bonus dollars are gone. A $20 sports wager will be made up of $10 of real money and $10 of free money. If you only have $5 remaining in your free money balance, then the $20 wager would include $15 of real money and $5 of free money.

Free Money cannot be withdrawn from your account. As you play any of our games, your Free Money balance will be used in tandem with your real money at a ratio determined by the casino and sportsbook management. Please consult the bonus section of the site for rules regarding free money or contact [email protected].

Please note that all bonuses and the rules of play for the free money are offered at the discretion of the casino management and bonuses and rules may change periodically. Bonuses can be earned when you make a deposit, through redeeming your Club Cash points, or by spinning the Big Wheel 'O' Free Money.

* Free Money may not be available for use in all casino games at management's discretion. * Note: when using a promo code to claim a bonus, it must be entered before the deposit is made. They can be entered in the Cashier section, by clicking the ‘Bonuses’ link, then ‘Redeem Promo Code’.

*Deposit options are temporarily unavailable until your Withdrawal Request has been processed.. To save time and avoid unnecessary deposit fees, players were given the option to cancel or modify the amount of their outstanding Withdrawal Request in order to instantly fund their account.

How do rollover requirements work?

There is a rollover requirement attached for both Deposit and Non-Deposit bonuses. In order for you to withdraw your winnings, you need to wager the rollover amount required based on how you received the bonus.

For Deposit Bonus, you will need to add the deposit amount + the bonus amount and multiply that total number by the rollover number assigned which is 20x. Rollover is calculated at the time of withdrawal, using the rollover requirements as published at the time of withdrawal.


Let’s say you deposit $100, for which you receive a $10 bonus, for a total of $110 with which to play. Using our Deposit Bonus rollover of 20x ratio, you would need to make $110 x20 = $2200 in wagers before requesting a withdrawal.

Non-Deposit Bonus rollover is calculated as Bonus Amount received  x20. Our standard multiplier for this bonus is 20 but may change depending on the promotion.


Bonus $100 the rollover required is 20x, (20 x $100 = $2,000.00)

Besides the regular rollover requirements, please be aware that each promotional bonuses come with their own unique set of terms and rollover multipliers. Please make sure that you are aware of the requirements associated with the promotion/s that you would like to redeem before placing any wager. Any decisions made by the company regarding promotional bonus codes, rollover amounts or types, and the usage of any promotional code or bonus are final and indisputable so if you have questions, we highly suggest contacting our customer service team first before placing your bets.

Please note that forfeiting bonuses will result in bonuses and any subsequent winnings associated with the bonus to be removed. So If you would like to opt out of any rollover requirements, please contact our customer support team before making your first wager so that your bonus dollars can be removed. You can call our toll-free line at 1-888-998-9045. You can also call us anytime to get an instant update on your rollover count.

You can click the link below to know more about our Rollovover Terms and Conditions.


How old do I need to be to play?

You must be at least 18 years of age. In some jurisdiction, you might need to be older. You must abide by the applicable laws in your area. If you are not of legal age you can practice and participate in all games where real money is not involved.

Is online gambling legal?

Gambling online for real money is legal in most countries. However, some countries do not allow online gambling. You must abide by the applicable laws in your jurisdiction or area. In order to play for real money, you must first read and agree with our Terms and Conditions.

Is your company licensed to operate gambling software?

TopBet is legally licensed to operate by the government of Curacao.

Are my winnings subject to taxes?

It is the players responsibility to find out what the tax implications are in their jurisdiction. Every country has unique tax laws and it is up to you, the player, to pay taxes on your winnings as applicable.

How do I bookmark the TopBet website?

Bookmarks or favorites are a great way to save a list of your top websites in one easily accessible place. Using Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox? Just press Ctrl+D to create a bookmark for TopBet and get one-click access to your favorite sports and games. Safari users on a Mac can hit ⌘+D

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