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NFL Survivor
TopBet FREE $25,000 NFL Survivor Contest*
Plus $250 guaranteed unlimited entry $10 contest

Enter our FREE $25k contest today! You may enter up to THREE FREE ENTRIES until 8pm Eastern time, Monday September 11th, 2023. (Enter earlier to have more teams to choose from). $12,500 is distributed to all surviving entries after NFL Week 8, and the rest is paid out to the eventual contest winner(s). Check out our unlimited-entry $10 cash contest as well, which has a minimum guaranteed $250 prize pool. Keep an eye out for second chance contests starting in October!


Make just one football team pick per entry per week. You may not pick the same team twice in a season (as an example if you picked Denver in week one, you cannot pick them again for that entry during the contest.) If your pick wins their game for the week, your entry SURVIVES until the next week. If your pick happens to tie or lose, your entry is eliminated from the contest. After entering, make sure to come back after the week’s games to check your status and make picks for the following week. You may edit picks up until 10 minutes before game start times. To win a contest, survive the 18-week regular season or be the last entry still surviving!

*Free contests pay out in bonus cash site credits with required 20x playthrough requirement, see contest rules for details. Paid entry contests pay out in real cash. Learn how to play Survivor and view terms and details here.

Rules for postponed / canceled games may be found here.

Entry Fee Contest Contest Current Week Total Entries Surviving Entries Prize Pool Your Entries Your Surviving Entries  
Free $25,000 TopBet FREE Survivor 1 1683 3 $25,000.00 0 0
$25,000 TopBet FREE Survivor
Prize Pool: $ 25,000.00
Current Week: 1
Total Entries: 1683
Surviving Entries: 3
Your Entries: 0
Your Surviving Entries: 0
$10.00 $250 guaranteed unlimited entries 1 213 2 $2,023.50 0 0
$250 guaranteed unlimited entries
Prize Pool: $ 2,023.50
Current Week: 1
Total Entries: 213
Surviving Entries: 2
Your Entries: 0
Your Surviving Entries: 0
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