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Pick a player for each of the 32 first-round draft slots and compete against other entrants to see who makes the most accurate picks! Win thousands in cash, and enter paid contests as many times as you like. For each correct pick you score 10 points, miss by one slot to score 5 points, and by 2 slots to score 2 points. Your selected player for any slot must be drafted in the first 32 picks to earn a score for that slot.

The $10 unlimited entry contest has a minimum $500 prize pool.

NFL Draft date: April 29,2021 8pm Eastern

Official Rules and Prize Table

Entry Fee Contest Name Entry Limit Total Entries Status Prize Pool  
FREE $5000 FREEROLL NFL Draft 5 393 Done $5,000.00
$10.00 $500 Guaranteed NFL Draft Unlimited 22 Done $500.00
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