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Live Betting FAQ

Q. Is this the same product as Top Bet previously offered?

A. No, this is an entirely new Live Betting product where In-game wagering lines are updated in real time with a variety line options. Some of the many line options include; spreads/runlines, moneylines, totals, alternate totals/spreads, winning margins, road and home team totals etc.

Q. How do I place my wagers for Live Betting?

A. Similar to the pregame markets Bet Ticket there is a “Live Bet Ticket”. Click on the line and it will populate that wager details into the Live Bet Ticket, you then add you wager amount and click “Confirm Wager” box and then “Place Bet”, your wager is placed and the wager details are available to view in the “My Bets” tab at the top of the Live Bet Ticket.

Q. What is the Quick Bet Mode on the Live Bet Ticket?

A. With live betting the action can move quickly; Top Bet’s Live Betting Quick Bet Mode allows player’s bets to be placed in one step. Simply select Quick Bet Mode and select your bet amount. Each time you click a line in the betting area that bet will placed. Be careful however because once you click the line the bet is placed. You will not have a chance to confirm.

Q. How do I update the Quick Bet Value?

A. The Quick Bet Mode’s value is preset to $25. To change the value, you can add dollar amounts to the bet amount by clicking any preset value button, these preset values are additive, so when clicking on the them will add that amount to the wager value already in the window. Simply click on Clear All to reset to bet value to zero. You can also update the bet value manually by clicking the value window and inputting your own desired bet value.

Q. How come I can’t bet on a line?

A. The lines update in real time and while doing so for a very short instance will become light grey and have a spinning symbol; during that short time, you would be unable to place a wager. In some instances, the lines box will show “OFF”, this indicates the line is “Off The Board” and may be down for a variety of reasons from; updating of the line, that section of the wagering is closed (e.g. 1st Quarter lines after the 1st Quarter is over), just before the game concludes.

Q. I clicked on a line to bet it but my wager would not go through. Why?

A. Sometimes when dealing with automated feeds there are slight delays between our system and the system of original source. In the time between when the source sends the information and you click on the wager to be placed, the information may have changed. Therefore, the system will do a final check before the bet is placed and your wager may be denied.

Q. Are there any special rules for Live Betting?

A. There are a few specific rules for Live Betting when it comes to the platform (Live Betting Rules) however since these are not “special” prop bets the sport specific rules for Live Betting are the same as pre-game wagering.

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