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Asian Handicapping (Soccer only)

The Asian handicap soccer bet usually has + 0.5 or -0.5 point spread for each game with the offered odds/price, but will be based on the lines in the market. If the wager results in a tie within regulation (or 90 minutes of play), and the odds at 0.00, the wager will result in a push.

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For the "Splitball" bet there are two point spreads listed for each game, like 0, +0.5, and 0, -0.5, with both lines listed at the same odds/price. The amount you bet will be "split" between the 2 lines thereby making essentially 2 separate bets in 1 wager.

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Since the "Splitball" option offers a whole and ½ point spread, ties are possible on these wagers. Ties are considered pushes on only that half (or "Split") of your bet. This means your bet on the ½ point spread (+/- 0.5) can win if there's a tie game, while the whole point spread (0, 1, etc) can lose if there's a tie.

Remember when you place a "Splitball" wager for say $20, what you're betting is $10 on each of the 2 spreads. If you want $20 on each spread, you'd need to bet $40.

Your payouts will be based on the same odds/price for both lines. Winning both lines doubles your winnings and thereby your total payout, but does not double your odds.

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