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You can combine multiple selections into one "string of bets" to make a parlay. Although betting the outcomes of multiple games or events simultaneously/consecutively, a parlay ticket is one single bet that hinges on ALL your selections on that one Bet Ticket winning.

By adding two or more games/events to one ticket you will increase your payout if you've selected the winner of each game/event and bet them all together in a parlay.

In the case of ties, the affected game/event will be essentially removed from your ticket and thereby reduce the number of selections in your parlay. This will inherently reduce your payout. If you play a 3 game/event parlay with 2 ties, your remaining game/event bet becomes a straight wager.

The payouts in true odds parlay betting are based on multiplying each bet on your ticket's individual odds. Betting all favorites will have a lower payout than betting all underdogs.

You can combine multiple different sports on one parlay ticket (like a ticket with a soccer game, a football game and boxing match), but you cannot build parlays with any selections which you have bought points on the Bet Ticket. Some other special bets like props are also not parlayable. Please consult Customer Support for a full list of bet types not parlayable.

Top Bet determines the number of games/teams that are available on a parlay ticket and uses Bet Ticket listed payouts, as opposed to the reference chart listed here.

Payout Chart for standard -110 bets

# of Teams Payout
1 -110
2 2.6 - 1
3 6 - 1
4 10 - 1
5 20 - 1
6 40 - 1
# of Teams Payout
7 75 - 1
8 150 - 1
9 300 - 1
10 700 - 1
11 1000 - 1
12 1800 - 1
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