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Point Spread Wagers

As with moneyline wagers, the favorite will have a - (minus) points listed and the underdog will have a + (plus) points listed. The point spread indicates the amount of points that the favorite must win by or not lose by. Conversely, the underdog must not lose by more than the spread.

If there are .5 (half point) totals listed it eliminates the possibility of a tie/push/or no action to occur in those over/under wagers.

Top Bet uses -110 odds for point spread wagers unless specifically/otherwise noted. This means you must bet $110 to win $100.

In the event of a tie with the score landing directly on the spread (neither team winning or losing by the amount of points in the spread), wagers are cancelled and we return your wager amount to your account. This is commonly known as a "push".

Buying points is possible on basketball and football point spread wagers.

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