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Best March Madness Sportsbook Promotions 2022

Best March Madness Sportsbook Promotions 2022

Selection Sunday is done and dusted and you have your 2022 March Madness bracket ready for the picking. But before you make your bets on up and coming NCAAB tournament games you want to know what promotions online sportsbooks have on deck. Why be satisfied with a successful bet against the spread when you can get more for you buck by signing up for the right promo? Below is a breakdown of the best promotions of the most exciting month in sports betting.

Top 4 NCAA March Madness Tournament Betting Promotions and Promo Codes for 2022

March Madness RISK-FREE $100

Best March Madness Sportsbook Promotions 2022

This is the best no-strings-attached March Madness sign-up promo. All that you need to do is click the banner above, enter the TBMADNESS22 promo-code (here’s how), and you get $100 of free money to wager on college basketball, or anything else for that matter. This is not your traditional bonus – it’s literally risk-free money to wager with as you please. It’s really that simple.


Unsure of how it works? Just ask – TopBet staff is here to help!

Best March Madness Sportsbook Welcome Bonus

Best March Madness Sportsbook Promotions 2022

In addition to the FREE Benjamin Franklin, TopBet is offering the largest NCAA sportsbook welcome bonus in the USA! It all begins with a 150% Welcome Bonus on your first deposit. Need an example of what a 150% bonus will look like for your March Madness wager? Let’s say you sign-up and deposit $200 to bet on a Round 1 game. At a 150% bonus, you get an extra $300 for a grand total of $500 to bet with on the NCAA tournament. When we said this was the best March Madness welcome bonus we meant it!

But it doesn’t stop there. TopBet continues to reward new players who sign-up during the college basketball tournament with additional bonuses on your second, third, and fourth deposit.

  • Second Deposit – 50% plus $50 FREE casino money
  • Third Deposit – 35% plus $20 FREE money to bet on NCAA basketball (or any sport)
  • Forth Deposit – 100% plus $25 FREE money to bet on NCAA basketball (or any sport)

When you consider the bonus structure and limits, those who take full advantage get $5000 in welcome bonuses. No other sportsbook offers anything so grand for March Madness, or any time of the year.

Best March Madness Prize Pool Bracket Challenge

Best March Madness Sportsbook Promotions 2022 - Bracket Challenge
Once you’ve signed up (see above) you’ve got even more to get excited about when it comes to making your March Madness bracket picks. TopBet has two FREE March Madness Bracket contests this year, featuring multiple ways to win thousands of dollars in cash! In fact, you can enter this contest without making a single deposit.
The first leg of the challenge has $200,000 in free money on offer for any player that picks the perfect bracket. Of course, bracket picks must be submitted before tipoff of the first tournament game on March 17th.

What if you bust your bracket in the First or Second Round? What if you miss a pick in the Sweet 16 or Elite 8? Fret not, because even if you bust your bracket early you’ve still got a shot at $50K.

The second leg of the contest is a Final Four Bracket challenge which features a $50,000 prize pool. All you need to do is pick the correct teams in the NCAA Final Four, including the eventual Champion, and you’ll get an equal share of the $50,000 which is split between all winners!
With TopBet, you get to keep skin in the game all the way until the end!

Best March Madness Sportsbook Cash Giveaway

March Madness Betting Bracket 2021

TopBet isn’t done yet. The sportsbook is giving away an additional $22,500 in FREE bets just for submitting your picks for the 2022 NCAA Final Four! Click the banner above (or here) to learn more and register to win $22.5K on top of everything else.

Unsure of how any of the above works? Just ask – TopBet staff is here to help!

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