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How Many Hot Dogs Can Joey Chestnut Eat?

How Many Hot Dogs Can Joey Chestnut Eat?


All eyes will once again be on the great Joey Chestnut on the 4th of July as he headlines the annual Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest. Chestnut has dominated the contest for over a decade now, and is coming off a record-breaking performance with 70 hot dogs eaten to reclaim his championship last year. Can he reach that hallowed mark once again in this year’s edition? Read on below to find out how good his chances are.

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How Many Hot Dogs Can Joey Chestnut Eat?

Few teams or individuals in the sports world have been as dominant in their sport than Chestnut has been at the famed 4th of July hot dog eating contest. The American has won now nine of the last 10 editions of the contest after he reclaimed his belt from Matt “Megatoad” Stonie last year.

Unsurprisingly, Chestnut is a big -400 favorite this year to win over Stonie and the rest of the field, which is priced at +300.

With victory more or less a foregone conclusion, the more interesting question is how many dogs Chestnut can down en route to the title. The over/under line for that prop bet is currently set at 69.5 hot dogs, with the OVER priced at -160.

Clearly motivated to win his belt back after having his eight-year winning streak snapped by Stonie in 2015, Chestnut devoured 70 hot dogs in last year’s contest, the first time he has ever topped the 70 hot dog mark. And that was after he set the record with 73 hot dogs in order to qualify.

But now that he’s the defending champion and finally topped that mythical “70” mark, will Chestnut have the same “hunger” (pun very much intended) to blow away the competition this year?

There’s fair reason to be skeptical. He’s back to being the undisputed best, and could just be content defending his crown as opposed to raising the bar even further.

Putting all of that into consideration, it feels like Chestnut – as great a champion as he is – will just go UNDER 69.5 (+130this time around.

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