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Monday Night Football Sports Betting Promotion – Week 16 $10 Free Bet

Monday Night Football Sports Betting Promotion – Week 16 $10 Free Bet

The Cincinnati Bengals and Denver Broncos are two of the league’s best teams – even with backup quarterbacks. This is the likely the last time this season that you’ll see both AJ McCarron and Brock Osweiler under center. This is also the last time this regular season that you can take advantage of our TopBet $10 Monday Night Free Bet!

[sc:NFL250 ]If you have at least $10 left on your TopBet account, you can place a free bet on tonight’s ball game, wherein you just have to choose which player will get the game’s first down.

You’ve got 16 choices. Some are obviously more likely than others and we’re even thrown in a few wild cards. Enjoy!

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Monday Night Football $10 Free Bet

The Bet: Which player will record tonight’s 1st first down?

The Free Bet: $10

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Top Choices:


Player Spin
Giovanni Bernard The Minivan has been hot and cold this season, but he’s usually the chosen horse with five or more yards to go. More often than not, Gio sees the ball at least once in an opening drive.
Ronnie Hillman The Denver run game isn’t always switched on. When it is though, it’s Hillman that kickstarts it. Denver will look to Ronnie early should they win the coin toss.
Jeremy Hill The big Bengal back is a short yardage master. If McCarron can find seven or eight yards, they’ll look to Jeremy for a little more.
AJ McCarron The man with the highest oddset (+450) could be a great pick. Through his brief starting stint he’s rushed the ball eight times for short yardage. His ninth could win you easy money.
First Down by Penalty Yes, this is an option. Denver is the 5th most penalized team. Cincy is the 16th. A little early movement is a definite possibility.

Writer’s Prediction

Jeremy Hill rumbles it for a 4-yard pickup on 3rd and 1.

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Written by Joel

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