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2013/2014 NBA Season Predictions Poll – Champions, Injuries, Surprises?

2013/2014 NBA Season Predictions Poll – Champions, Injuries, Surprises?

It’s going to be a cake-walk for LeBron and the Heat?

Kobe is done as an elite player?

Derrick Rose makes the Bulls the team to beat in the East?

Like us, you might have a hard time believing all of these bold statements. So here’s your chance to sound off on these topics and more for the 2013-2014 NBA season.

Poll: NBA Championship predictions — how much will the Kobe, Westbrook, D-Rose injuries impact their teams?

Three short years ago the Miami Heat were more despised around America than Kim Jong-il, and their leader LeBron James was fighting the 1990’s Buffalo Bills for the title of biggest championship game choker ever.

A fiery offensive machine from the Chicago Bulls wearing #1 won the NBA MVP and led them to a 62 win season, causing the city to start having wet dreams at the thought of the Jordan era 2.0. [sc:NBA240banner ]

Speaking of, Kobe’s hopes of finally besting his lifelong envy of #23 turned into absolute frustration when he not only failed to get ring #6, but also was embarrassingly swept out of the playoffs.

Over in Oklahoma, a new dynasty looked like it was being born when the combo of Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and James Harden rose to the top of their division, seemingly on their way to Championship glory.

Going into this NBA season the entire script has flipped and much of what everyone expected to happen, didn’t.

LeBron aims to cement a seat in the NBA pantheon by locking down a three-peat. Rose may no longer be able to lead a team if his knees can’t hold up. People are calling Kobe’s career done. And the Thunder are down to one superstar. For all of these teams and players, how they manage to forge their road to the 2014 NBA Championship will decide their place in the history of the NBA. For others like Golden State’s Stephen Curry and Indiana’s Paul George, this may be the year they cement their claim to the throne quietly.

What are your predictions for the NBA season?

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It’s going to be wild ride this season, and as much as all the experts love to predict what will happen, only time will tell. Get more NBA news here including detailed analysis of each team’s shot at winning it all.

Head to throughout the NBA season for the latest odds, lines, future bets, and props.

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