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NFL Super Bowl 51 Futures Odds Update – February 4, 2017

NFL Super Bowl 51 Futures Odds Update – February 4, 2017

We’re less than 24 hours away from football’s biggest game of the year. Have you made up your mind on who to bet on yet? There’s a good chance that the recent minor changes on the odds will be the last one for the game. Scroll down to know what those slight tweaks are.

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NFL Super Bowl 51 Futures Odds Update

The Spread – Patriots -3

For the spread, the Pats will likely close out as 3-point favorites, which is expected by pretty much everyone since they are the more experienced and battle-tested team. Among all of the odds for the game, this one’s the most consistent, as it hasn’t moved one bit since it was announced two weeks ago.

Many consider the thin spread to be a sign of how the Falcons have gained people’s (especially odds makers) respect with their string of strong performances in the latter parts of the regular season and the playoffs.

The Moneyline – Patriots -155; Falcons +135

The moneyline for the two teams had some small changes, but it’s the Pats’ that are continuing to change. From opening with a -160 line, it tilted to -165 last week, and again switched to what it is now, which is -155. Still, there’s zero surprise on that since it is expected to hover around those numbers.

If you believe in the Falcons and know that you can profit from it, TopBet is definitely where you want to bet with. Despite going from +145 to +135, our line for the team is still among the highest out of any betting sites out there.

The Total – 59.0

This is a slight dip from the 59.5 (-110) mark it is in in the past couple of weeks. Although there is no question that the offense of the two squads are capable of  beating the high O/U, do know that 11 of the last 12 Super Bowls weren’t able to exceed 59 points.

The Falcons are averaging 34.4 PPG on the season, while the Patriots are at 28.3 (regular season and playoffs). Additionally, both have scored 34 or more points in their two postseason games this year.


The Super Bowl is here again! Create a betting account now and put some money on the big game!

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