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Trump Cheering for Tom Brady / New England Patriots – Will it Impact Public Opinion on Super Bowl 51?

Trump Cheering for Tom Brady / New England Patriots – Will it Impact Public Opinion on Super Bowl 51?

It’s pretty clear that plenty of folks find Donald Trump appalling. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be seeing people littering and marching down the streets, collectively chanting their pure disgust of Trump. Will we see some sort of revolt on Super Bowl betting, too, just because of Trump’s open admiration of Tom Brady and the New England Patriots (-155)?

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Will Trump’s Support of the New England Patriots Affect Super Bowl 51 Betting?

Trump’s acerbic stances on several social and political issues have amounted to him being branded as topnotch evil and apparently, his antagonistic aura knows no limitations because he is a man who will cheer for the Patriots (AKA the most disliked NFL team today). ESPN just ran a poll last week and of the 378 fans who were surveyed, 21 percent of them said they dislike the Pats more than any other team.

Love goes both ways between Trump and the Pats. Bill Belichick and Tom Brady have voiced out support of the tycoon-turned-president in the past. The narrative is simple: the most hated man is supporting today’s most reviled football franchise. So what does that mean to Super Bowl LI betting?

Tangible data about whether Trump’s backing of the Patriots would affect how the public will bet on the Super Bowl is hard to come by, but that doesn’t mean we can’t speculate.

The New England Patriots, aside from being a football team, is a brand—a recognizable one with a well-established market and enough haters to populate a small country. But regardless of whichever side people are on, they are mostly citizens with differing opinions of Trump. The fact that some companies associated with the current POTUS have been targets of consumers’ scorn—channeled through boycott—speaks volumes of how negative the effect of Trump is to their businesses.

It’s not a stretch to think that the vile blend of hatred for Trump, for the Patriots, and the warm relationship between the two entities, would (at least) indirectly impact how people bet on the Super Bowl. While seasoned bettors would pay little attention to this kind of symbiosis that clearly has zero effects on what happens on the field, casual bettors are likely to bet on the Falcons just because they hate Trump and everything he publicly supports.

The Patriots are three-point spread faves against the Atlanta Falcons as of this writing.

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