NFL 2000 Pro Bowl

Date: February 6, 2000

Venue: Aloha Stadium (Honolulu, Hawaii)

Attendance: 50,112

Result: NFC def. AFC, 51-31

MVP: Randy Moss (WR, Minnesota Vikings)

Recap: The 2000 Pro Bowl saw records broken left and right in an up-and-down game that had the highest scoring Pro Bowl game in its history. A total of 12 individual records and 10 team Pro Bowl records were either broken or tied in this game. This includes the 51-to-31 final score, in favor of the NFC, which made it the highest scoring Pro Bowl game at that point. Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning connected on 17-of-23 passes for 270 yards and 2 touchdowns. Randy Moss, who was named MVP, had a record-breaking 9 catches for 212 yards.


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