NFL 2004 Pro Bowl

Date: February 8, 2004

Venue: Aloha Stadium (Honolulu, Hawaii)

Attendance: 50,125

Result: NFC def. AFC, 55-52

MVP: Marc Bulger (QB, St. Louis Rams)

Recap: The start of the 2004 Pro Bowl set up what would be the highest scoring Pro Bowl game in its history. The AFC raced to a 14-to-0 lead early in the first quarter behind a 90-yard touchdown pass from Tennessee Titans quarterback Steve McNair to Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson and Baltimore Ravens safety Ed Reed’s touchdown off a blocked punt. The NFC responded and had a TD and touchdown in the first quarter, which ended at 17-to-10 in favor of the AFC. The AFC added some more and carried a 38-to-13 lead early in the 3rd with a blowout in the offing. The NFC would not allow it however, as they scored six touchdowns—four by St. Louise Rams quarterback Marc Bulger— the rest of the way to get the 55-to-52 win. Bulger had four TD passes, a Pro Bowl record, on 12-of-21 passing for 152 yards.


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