Super Bowl X

Date: January 18, 1976

Venue: Orange Bowl (Miami, Florida)

Attendance: 80,187

Result: Pittsburgh Steelers def. Dallas Cowboys, 21-17

MVP: Lynn Swann (WR, Pittsburgh)

Recap: Pittsburgh wide receiver Lynn Swann wasn’t supposed to suit up in Super Bowl X as he suffered a severe concussion in the American Football Conference (AFC) championship game. However, after hearing Dallas safety Cliff Harris talk trash against him during the days leading up to the Super Bowl, he decided to risk the injury and play anyway.


A motivated Swann had 161 yards on just 4 receptions including the game-winning touchdown—a Terry Bradshaw’s 64-yard pass to Swann with just three minutes to go in the game. The Cowboys actually had a chance to steal the game but was intercepted on the last play of the game sealing a 21-to-17 victory for the Steelers.

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