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Topbet Casino Leaderboard Rewards

What contests and prizes are available?

Topbet is currently running recurring weekly contests and monthly contests. As of April 2020, Topbet is awarding over $5000.00 in cash prizes per month. The number of contests and amount of prizes may change from time to time, so please check the Leaderboard Standings page from time to time to see any updated contests or prize schedules.

How do I enter the contests? Do they cost anything?

As an account-holder at Topbet, as long as you meet the general eligibility requirements for maintaining an account on the site, you are AUTOMATICALLY ENTERED into the leaderboard contests. There is NO COST to participate in the contest.

How do the contests work?

Just play any Casino game on the site for real money and automatically earn Leaderboard Comp Points!  Place in the top 25 of any weekly or monthly period and we will automatically credit your account with the award amounts shown.

Prize awards begin for the week of play beginning 12:00am Eastern Time Monday, April 06 2020.  Contests and prizes are subject to change, and changes will appear on the Leaderboard Standings page.

Can I still redeem my comp points in the redemption store? Will doing so affect my leaderboard standings or results?

You may still redeem your comp points at the redemption store without affecting your leaderboard standings.


Registration & Eligibility

  • Only eligible, registered users and account-holders of this website may participate in the leaderboard contests. Customers must meet general eligibility requirements outlined in the website Terms and Conditions page.
  • Customers who do not meet eligibility requirements are not eligible to win or withdraw contest prize winnings.
  • When a contest is completed, recent contest results and payouts will be published on the Leaderboard Standings page. Check daily or weekly for your results.
  • Payouts to winning entries are made automatically by the contest system at the end of each contest period, paid to the real money balance of the customer accounts in prize-winning positions. You do not need to contact support to request a payout.
  • Any and all winnings are subject to our withdrawal policies and restrictions. The management decision is final.
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