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Baccarat Game
Baccarat Game
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Baccarat Game

Our newest version of this traditional card game comes packed with features like a complete auto-scoring display with 5 major scoring systems included and extra scoring icons to make game decisions easier than ever! Play up to 3 Free hands per shoe, and each shoe is played through, without re-shuffling each hand. Player and Banker pair bets have been added. Traditional animated shuffling and burn card sequences bring the feel of Casino Baccarat to your PC, tablet or smartphone for play-on-the-go. Automated card-peeking and real recorded dealer voiceovers add to the “real-feel” of the game, so play Baccarat or richly-trimmed higher-limit VIP Baccarat… it’s only Natural!

To add this web app to the home screen:
tap ios share and the Add to Home Screen.
To add this web app to the home screen: open the browser option menu kabob menu and tap on Add to Home Screen.
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