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Comp Points F.A.Q.

Comp points are a way for Top Bet casino players to get cash back when playing our casino games. Players earn comp points for every dollar that they wager in the Top Bet Casino. Those comp points can be redeemed for real cash rewards. Those rewards can then be wagered further or withdrawn from your account.

How do I enroll in the Comp Points program?

Enrollment into Comp Points program is automatic upon registering at Top Bet. Your Comp Points username and password will be the same as your player account info.

How can I earn Comp Points?

Comp points are earned by wagering in the casino at Top Bet. For every $1 wagered you will earn a comp point. Each game in the casino earns you a different amount of comp points. Please see the chart to know how many points you will earn at each different game

Blackjack 1 Single Deck Side Bet Blackjack 1
Single Deck Blackjack 1 VIP Side Bet Blackjack 1
VIP Blackjack 1 VIP Single Deck Side Bet Blackjack 1
VIP Single Deck Blackjack 1 Baccarat 1
Side Bet Blackjack 1 Mini-Baccarat 1
Pai Gow Poker 2 European Roulette 2
Lucky 8's Bonus Pai Gow Poker 2 Craps 2
Triple Ride Poker 2 War 2
Triple Card Poker 3 Caribbean Poker 4
American Roulette 4 Red Dog 4
Multi-Hand Double Barrel 4 Multi-Hand Jacks or Better 4
Multi-Hand Wild Joker 4 Multi-Hand Deuces Wild 4
Conspiracy Bonus Slots 6 Black Magic Slots 6 6
5x Wild Diamonds Bonus Slots 6 Headline Slots 6 6
Carnival Wheel Slots 6 Wild Sushi Slots 6 6
Crazy Coconuts Progressive Slots 6 Charmed Reels Slots 6 6
Party Bucks Progressive Jackpot Slots 6 Cross Country Reels Slots 6 6
Fruit Fuzion Slots 6 Roughneck Reels Slots 6
Spider Guy Slots 6 Volcano Bonus Slots 6
Heist Slots 6 Freak Show Slots 6
Banana Beach Slots 6 Aces High Bonus Slots 6
Kings Court Slots 6 Cleopatra's Bonus Slots 6
High Noon Slots 6 Coral Cash Bonus Slots 6
Fast Lane Slots 6 Deal or Steal 6
Bar Room Blast Slots 6 Heaven Cent Slots 6
Final Table Poker Slots 6 Free Spin Saloon Slots 6
Samurai Slots 6 King's Castle Slots 6
Instant Keno 6 Shockwave Keno 6

How can I redeem my Comp Points?

After you log into your Comp Points account, select the prize you want from the menu and follow the easy, guided instructions.

How long will it take to receive my selected reward?

Rewards such as cash, free money, and big wheel spins are instantly credited to your player account once you confirm your selection.

What's the difference between "free money rewards" and "cash rewards?"

"Cash rewards" are real money bonuses that will go directly into your Top Bet account balance. If there are no rollover requirements for the cash rewards you may withdraw the funds immediately. Free money is a bonus that cannot be withdrawn from your account. At Top Bet when you wager your free money it must be used in a 1:1 ratio with real money when placing a wager. For example, if you make a $10 bet in Blackjack and have a $20 real money account balance and a $10 free money account balance, the system will automatically make your $10 wager with $5 real money and $5 free money.

How can I check my current Comp Points balance?

Your Comp Points balance is always shown in the lower left corner of the casino interface. You will need to sign in with your username and password to view the balance. You may also check your Comp Points balance by signing into your account through the member login found within the Comp Points section at Top Bet.

Feel free to contact the Top Bet customer support staff if you have any questions regarding the Comp Points program.

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