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Enjoy funding your Topbet account with ease and security using your Visa and Mastercard (Credit & Debit) cards with 3D Secure – OTP service. You will automatically receive SMS with one-time password whenever you process a deposit. Your transaction will not proceed unless you enter the one-time password delivered to your registered mobile number.

To securely complete your deposit, simply follow the 3 EASY STEPS below:
  • When completing a deposit, enter your card number on the cashier page.
  • You will be directed to the QBDirect page where you will need to re-enter your card number, expiration date and the 3-digit code at the back of the card.
  • After confirming the entered card number, the QBDirect verification page will open. At this moment, you will receive the OTP on your registered mobile number. Enter your OTP and click on submit. If the entered OTP is correct, the transaction will be confirmed.
What is 3D Secure?

3D Secure is supported by VISA with the Verified by VISA and by Mastercard with the MasterCard® SecureCode™. This is an online payment security technology that aims to reduce online credit card fraud.

How does this affect my deposit transaction with TopBet?

Unlike credit card transactions where you will just need to enter your card number, expiration date and the CVV code, QBDirect deposit will require you to enter a “One-Time-Password” ( OTP ) or password that is sent to you by your issuing bank via SMS that is valid for that transaction ONLY or you will enter your preregistered credit card pin number*. With this additional security measure, the new 3D Secure verifies that you, the cardholder, are the one making the transaction and that your card is not being used fraudulently.

*if you are not sure which you are registered under, please contact your issuing bank.

QBDirect Billing Descriptor

The billing descriptor/Merchant’s name on your bank statement may differ depending on when the transaction was made. If you have unrecognizable transaction that showed up on you billing statement, we suggest that you call our customer service hotline first or send us an email attaching a copy of your bank statement for us to validate the transaction.

Topbet Email: [email protected]

Customer Service hotline: 1-888-998-9045

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