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5 Places a Chicago Bulls Fan Should Never Get Caught

5 Places a Chicago Bulls Fan Should Never Get Caught

Bulls fans have it rough. It’s not enough that they get punched by former players and owners, but to get shot? These guys can’t even win in a video game. If you don’t want the same to happen to you, Bulls fan, steer clear from these locations:

5 places a Chicago Bulls fans should avoid:

1. Nobu

This famous Japanese restaurant in Malibu is a very popular celebrity hotspot, where celebrities and athletes like Scottie Pippen frequently dine.

It was also the place where  the former Chicago Bulls star allegedly punched an autograph seeker in the face earlier this year.

Despite escaping criminal charges for the altercation, let this serve as a reminder to Bulls fans: please ask Scottie or any Bulls legend nicely (and presumably while sober) when seeking for autographs or risk getting socked.

2. Philly Transit

Chicago and Philadelphia aren’t known as incredibly bitter rivals, but that didn’t prevent two Bulls fans from getting shot inside Philadelphia transit just last year.

The two fans were shot after getting into an argument with two other passengers, reportedly teenagers. The incident came after the Bulls defeated the 76ers 96-89.

3. In a Pistons fan’s house while playing NBA Jam

OK, this is a little specific, but we’ll explain.

Bulls fans should avoid playing their favorite team against the Pistons. Why? Because you’d probably lose.

The iconic game’s programmer turned out to be Pistons fan who lived through the epic Jordan Bulls runs. As a way to get even, he admittedly tweaked the game in order to make it harder for the Bulls to score in close games. There was also a special code written in to lower Scottie Pippen’s ratings whenever he played against the Pistons.

Now that’s taking fandom to another level.

4. Chicago Stadium (behind team owners)

Be afraid, Bulls fans. You’re not safe even in your own building against the other team’s owner.

Back in 1993, a particularly rude Bulls fan seated in the back apparently told then-Suns owner Jerry Colangelo’s mom to “shut up and sit down”. Colangelo chose to take matters into his own hands and punched that unfortunate fan before security hauled him away.

5. Filomena Tobias’ Mansion

Filomena who?

Remember that psychotic woman who was screaming and flipping the bird at Joakim Noah during the playoffs?

Yeah, that’s Miss Filomena.

After some intrepid reporting, it was made known that Tobias had been suspected of killing her former husband (although was not charged criminally). But between the over-the-top public obscenities and the alleged murder, Bulls fans would be wise to steer clear of that woman.

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