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5 Places LA Lakers Fans Should Avoid

5 Places LA Lakers Fans Should Avoid

Lakers fans generally aren’t welcome in most places, but these places in particular should be off-limits to those interested in avoiding bodily harm.

LA Lakers Fans Should Avoid These 5 Places

1. AT&T Center, San Antonio

You can’t imagine Gregg Popovich, Tim Duncan and the classy San Antonio Spurs (except maybe Robert Horry) to get into many fights. But Spurs fans can and will mix it up when provoked.

This particular Spurs fan actually took the first shot from the Lakers fan, but he quickly turned the tables and whaled unceasingly on the aggressor. With the long history of the Spurs and Lakers, it’s not hard to imagine other Spurs fans doing the same under less provocation.

2. Sully’s Tap, Boston

Sullivan’s Tap is one of the more popular dive bars in the Boston area. Although it’s not your average modern sports bar (it was described as being more about semi-cheap drinks than sports), it still shows games from all the Boston teams. It’s most famous for being a hockey bar, where even the Big Bad Bruins of the ‘70s came rolling in after games to grab “a drink.”

Boston + basketball + booze + hardcore hockey fans = no place for a Lakers fan.

3. Milwaukee

Lakers fans aren’t accustomed to their team struggling, so they probably aren’t in a position to hand out advice to tormented Bucks fans. [sc:NBA240banner ]

That didn’t stop some overly helpful Lakers fans from telling their roommate Bucks fan to boo his own team, something that did not go over too well for all involved. Let’s just say that partial nudity and urine are involved.

Perhaps Lakers fans should keep their opinions to themselves when they’re in hostile territory.

4. US Airways Center, Phoenix

Phoenix fans have grown an uncanny hatred for the Lakers in recent years.

No one can really blame them, since some Lakers fans can be among the most obnoxious fans around.  This unassuming Suns fan found out the hard way.

As the video clearly shows, the Suns fan was minding his own business, trying to proudly show off his bright orange cap when this Lakers fan unabashedly covers his face with a Kobe jersey. While that Lakers fan got what he deserved, other Suns fans might need less provocation than that.

5. Toyota Center, Houston

From Ralph Sampson’s shot to Dwight Howard, the Lakers and Rockets have quite the history, which is why wearing a Lakers jersey in Houston probably isn’t the best idea.

Yes, we acknowledge it was probably a planted “Lakers fan,” but Clutch has sent the warning loud and clear: wear Lakers jersey in our house, eat a face full of cake.

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