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Game-by-Game Betting Predictions for New England Patriots 2013 NFL Season

Game-by-Game Betting Predictions for New England Patriots 2013 NFL Season

The New England Patriots, as always, enter the 2013 season with championship aspirations because, let’s face it, as long as their head coach is Bill Belichick and their quarterback is Tom Brady, they will always have chance to compete for the Super Bowl title.

The Pats will seek redemption this season after falling short in the AFC Championship last January. With their explosive offensive line-up still intact, expect fireworks from these Patriots.

We asked two expert analysts to look through the 17-week New England Patriots schedule and include their analysis and their predictions on each game.

The New England Patriots 2013 Schedule: An Analysis




1 at BillsOdds: Patriots vs. Bills (+7.5) Bills quarterback E.J. Manuel will get his first taste of big time pro football against one of the all-time greats. He will experience growing pains while watching Tom Brady and the Pats exploding on offense.Patriots 44, Bills 16 (1-0) In Bill Belichick’s 14 seasons as Patriots coach, the Bills have been the most frequent season-opening opponent (2003, 2006, 2009, 2013). The ’03 game was played in Buffalo, and it was the last season opener the Patriots lost, 31-0, with the Drew Bledsoe-led Bills. This game is going to be tougher than it looks. There’s always an element of the unknown in the season opener, and that is compounded by the fact the Bills have a new coaching staff.Patriots 31, Bills 23 (1-0)
2 vs Jets Another rookie quarterback in Geno Smith will get a taste of Tom Brady. Tom Brady again leads an explosive offense for an easy win.
Patriots 45, Jets 10 (2-0)
The Jets have a major quarterback question and it’s hard to imagine them coming into Gillette Stadium and topping the Patriots in a home opener. Rex Ryan’s ability to draw up solid defensive plans to slow down Tom Brady at times shouldn’t be overlooked, but it would be a major surprise if the Patriots don’t take care of business.Patriots 24, Jets 20 (2-0)
3 vs Buccaneers Even though the Bucs have a revamped defense thanks to their acquisition of Darrelle Revis, Tom Brady will find a way for the Patriots to catch fire on offense. This could be a LeGarrette Blount show.Patriots 35, Buccaneers 17 (3-0) This game is quite intriguing because former Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis will be donning a Bucs jersey. He should significantly improve the worst pass defense in 2012. If Revis can completely take the Patriots WR Danny Amendola out of the game and Rob Gronkowski isn’t healthy, then there is real upset potential here. Part of me wants to pick the Bucs, but it’s unlikely to happen.Patriots 23, Buccaneers 20 (3-0)
4 at Falcons The Pats’ first real test this season comes in the form of Matt Ryan and last year’s NFC best record holder Falcons. The Georgia Dome can get extremely loud. If there are any doubts about how much the Patriots’ pass defense has improved, this will be a great barometer as the Falcons can get the ball down the field. Can’t wait to see Julio Jones, the receiver Belichick was against trading up for in the 2011 draft, against Aqib Talib & Co. This will be the first set-back for the team and a call-to-arms.Falcons 37, Patriots 33 (3-1) Two very explosive offenses in the NFL will fill this Week 4 game with rockets and fireworks that will be fired around the extremely raucous Georgia Dome. However, with the Falcons dramatically improving their defense, that will be the difference maker.Falcons 42, Patriots 24 (3-1)
5 at Bengals A road game against a well-balanced Bengals squad. The defense will rise to the challenge and hold off Andy Dalton in the fourth quarter to hang-on for another close win.Patriots 38, Bengals 35 (4-1) Starting in Week 4, the Pats begin a tough three-game stretch. After Atlanta, the Pats head north to Cincinnati to take on the fresh Bengals. Cincinnati could easily be the top dogs in the AFC North this season, and they will use the Patriots to prove that claim. Ex-Pats RB BenJarvus Green-Ellis should look to run the ball and the Patriots out of The Jungle.Bengals 31, Patriots 23 (3-2)
6 vs Saints The New Orleans Saints come to town, but they are still a shadow of the Super Bowl team led by Drew Brees. The Patriots overpower them, winning the shoot-out of elites.Patriots 49, Saints 31 (5-1) Everyone knows about the Saints’ explosive offense, which can stress a defense with its different packages and alignments, but another thing that can’t be overlooked is the presence of first-year defensive coordinator Rob Ryan. The last two times Ryan coordinated a plan against the Patriots, they were held to 14 points against Cleveland (2010) and 20 points against Cowboys at Gillette Stadium (2011).Saints 23, Patriots 20 (3-3)
7 at Jets The second Jets-Patriots duel will end up like the first one. At least Geno Smith may have learned something already.Patriots 45, Jets 13 (6-1) Jets have home field advantage, but the Pats have blown New York out of their own stadium the past two meetings there. This game could be closer, but the Patriots will win again.Patriots 28, Jets 26 (4-3)
8 vs Dolphins If Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill has taken the next step in his progression, this could be the Patriots’ toughest game to date in the AFC East. The Pats will devise a game plan to limit Mike Wallace.Patriots 30, Dolphins 28 (7-1) The Dolphins revamped their defensive line-up this offseason to match-up the explosive offense of the Pats. The Dolphins also surrounded quarterback Ryan Tannehill with many weapons, including known “Patriot Killer” TE Dustin Keller. But TE Rob Gronkowski will be fired up and will be the factor in this game, along with the Patriots defense.Patriots 31, Dolphins 21 (5-3)
9 vs Steelers The Steelers missed the playoffs last year and lost several key players in the off-season. Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and company just don’t have the guns to match the Patriots on either side of the ball at Gillette Stadium.Patriots 40, Steelers 20 (8-1) The Patriots will want to go into their bye week with solid momentum. We can expect a physical slugfest. It always is when these teams meet.Patriots 27, Steelers 24 (6-3)


11 at Panthers The Panthers haven’t been the strongest team this year, but prove to be surprisingly tough against Brady, while Cam Newton shreds the Patriots’ defense with his legs, as well as his arm. The offense will take time to catch fire after the bye week.Panthers 35, Patriots 23 (8-2) The Panthers are the unfortunate team to face the Patriots following a bye, where Bill Belichick is 10-3 as Patriots head coach in the regular season. Expect it to improve as the Patriots will escape with a win, despite a great performance by Cam Newton.Patriots 33, Panthers 24 (7-3)
12 vs Broncos Peyton vs. Brady, episode 14. The debate will rage for years to come, but Tom Brady throws his way to another win against his arch nemesis.Patriots 45, Broncos 35 (9-2) Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning. Wes Welker’s return. Storylines galore. League sources also confirm that Welker will be cheered wildly by Patriots fans.Patriots 31, Broncos 30 (8-3)
13 at Texans The Texans didn’t exactly impress in matchups against the Patriots last season, they are tougher at home and this looks like a tough spot for the Patriots, who will be coming off an emotionally charged game against the Broncos.Texans 35, Patriots 33 (9-3) This matchup will surely be pitting two eventual AFC playoff teams against each other, and the win here will be huge for both sides. Their defense that gets a huge bump with the addition of Ed Reed at free safety. Reed will keep the Pats’ key receivers in check. On offense, Matt Schaub, Owen Daniels, Andre Johnson, and Arian Foster will be too lethal for the Patriots.Texans 49, Patriots 28 (8-4)
14 vs Browns The Browns come to town and the Patriots send them packing in their second blowout in a row.Patriots 56, Browns 17 (10-3) Browns? Yeah… Easy win for the Patriots.Patriots 41, Browns 10 (9-4)
15 at Dolphins At this point, I have serious concern for injuries on this team. Whether it’s Amendola who can’t stay healthy, Gronk has something go wrong, or a hit to the defense, you just can’t go an entire year without a demoralizing injury unfortunately. Something they’ll be fighting through. I don’t think the Patriots humiliate the Dolphins, but I count on a victory here.Patriots 21 Dolphins 17 (11-3) As stated earlier, the Dolphins have significantly improved. Miami has home field advantage, and their defense has been able to contain Brady at times. Tannehill and the Dolphins coaching staff will make an adjustment on their running game. Miami wins their first game against the Pats in four years.Dolphins 23 Patriots 20 (9-5)
16 at Ravens The rematch Pats fans have been waiting for since last season. The Patriots head into Baltimore looking for redemption. This time the Patriots defense stiffens.Patriots 35, Ravens 17 (12-3) With so many changes in the defensive personnel, the Ravens aren’t going to have the same ability to mix things up and do things differently as they’ve had in the past. That’s certainly good news for Brady, who will surely be glad not to have to deal with Ed Reed. The x-factor is the Patriots secondary defense.Patriots 23, Ravens 20 (10-5)
17 vs Bills Read Week 1. Tom Brady hasn’t lost to the Bills at home yet. They won’t let Buffalo jeopardize their playoff hopes.Patriots 43, Bills 17 (13-3) Again, E.J. Manuel will be schooled by the all-time great.Patriots 39, Bills 20 (11-5)
Final Analysis 2013: 13-3The Pats finished with one of the best records in the NFL, if not the best. They have a complete offense and their secondary defense will play tremendous for them all-year long. Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are both great in maximizing the effort and potential of their teammates/players. They qualify for the playoffs with a first-round bye. It remains to be seen if they could advance to the AFC Championship game, but I have no doubt they have what it takes. 2013: 11-5With most of the AFC getting better and the Patriots having lost both Wes Welker (free agency) and Aaron Hernandez (murder charge), they are more likely to regress this season, but not so much. As long as Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are still with them, they always have chance to be a good-to-great football team, regardless of who they are working with on the field. AFC Championship is possible, but they may have a longer road there as I think the Broncos and the Texans will take the first round byes.


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Now, it is your time to make your claim on how you think the Pats will fare this 2013. You can bet on the Patriots if you think they can or cannot win over 11.0. They are a -600 favorite to win the AFC East and a +300 favorite to win the AFC Championship. As always, they are one of the favorites to win the Super Bowl with a +650 line.

But first, bet now on their first game against the Bills, which will commence on Sept. 8, 1 P.M. ET.

Stay tuned to Top Bet for the odds of the following New England Patriots games.

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