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How to Use Bitcoin for Sports Betting

How to Use Bitcoin for Sports Betting

There are a number of big benefits to using bitcoin (BTC) in sports betting over traditional funding methods (credit card, debit, etc.). For one, your spouse won’t see the sportsbook deposit charges on your monthly banking statement. In addition, a welcome bonus on a BTC deposit is typically bigger. Then there’s the fact that you can make even more than your winnings, as the price of BTC can jump around the same moment that you triple your wager on after a game winning touchdown. The list of benefits goes on, and on. That’s not what this press release is about.

While BTC adoption among our community has skyrocketed over the last two years, some of you are unsure about how to use bitcoin for sports betting. We could point you towards video tutorials and graphics at our BTC resource guide, but that only greases the wheels for some. Instead, you demand a more engaging and interactive tutorial before you trust your dough to ride the crypto train.  We hear you loud and clear, which is why TopBet is proud to offer a FREE help-line walkthrough to anyone who wants to learn how set-up a bitcoin sports betting account. Not only will you get a free BTC (or other cryptocurrency) wallet set-up, the sportsbook is throwing in some free cash should you decide to sign-up and/or play.

How to Take Advantage of TopBet’s FREE Bitcoin (or any cryptocurrency) Setup By-Phone Walkthrough Tutorial

Get Your FREE Crypto Wallet Setup Walkthrough

  • Call 1-888-998-9045 to speak to one of our cryptocurrency (for sports betting) experts. Tell them you’re here for the FREE tutorial.
  • Answer 4 super easy questions to help us profile which wallet will suit your personal needs the best.
  • Go to that wallet site with our expert on the phone, and they’ll talk you through each stage, step by step and explain exactly what to do.
  • BANG! 10-minutes later you’re setup and ready to go!

To sweeten the deal if you call in, TopBet is offering a FREE $20 bet to use as you please at the sportsbook! All you need to do is send verification that you’ve setup up a wallet (which Customer Service experts will have helped you do).

That’s It!

TopBet has taken down the barrier to entry for those who have been on the fence about betting with bitcoin. Start enjoying the benefits of cryptocurrency with a simple phone call.

Call Your TopBet Crypto Expert Today!


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Written by Ryan

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