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What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency. Although it may sound complicated to use at first, once you get the hang of using Bitcoin, you’ll find that it is much easier, much cheaper, and more reliable than any other deposit/withdrawal method out there. Today, nearly 50% of our new customers use Bitcoin for funding their TopBet accounts, so if they can do it, so can you. Furthermore, the digital currency is getting more and more popular with time - Bitcoin has been around for nearly 10 years now, experiencing consistent exponential growth in the process. Time to jump on the Bitcoin train!

WHY USE BITCOIN AT TopBet Sportsbook?
  • Bitcoin wallets are quick and easy to set-up
  • Bitcoin transactions have fees that are usually considerably cheaper than the alternatives;
  • Bitcoin is a pseudonymous payment method, making it very difficult to track;
  • Bitcoin is not controlled by a central authority or government
Can I withdraw through Bitcoin?

We are looking into supporting full Bitcoin payout functionality in the near future.

10% Reload Bonus on Next Bitcoin Deposit

Bitcoin Withdrawals

How Bitcoin Works

How Bitcoin Works from TopBet on Vimeo.

Open Coinbase Account Walkthrough

How To Set Up CoinBase and Buy Bitcoin

Depositing with Bitcoin on TopBet – Step-by-Step guide

How Bitcoin Betting Works at TopBet from TopBet on Vimeo.

Exchange: Limits Method Funding Time

Daily  ($10-$500)

Visa-MC CC


Weekly  ($10- $2500)  Verified accounts

Bank account

Instant - 2 days

Daily ($60-$5000) 

Visa-MC CC

45 mins

Daily ($100-$10,000)  Verified accounts

Visa-MC CC

2 hours

Daily ($100-$2000) 

Bank Wire

2-5 days

Daily ($1000-$100K)  Verified accounts

Bank Wire

2-5 days

Daily ($10-$3000) Verified accounts

Visa-MC CC

30 mins

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