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How to Win in the Casino: Earn Comp Points, Convert Into Cash Rewards

How to Win in the Casino: Earn Comp Points, Convert Into Cash Rewards


One way that land-based casinos get their patrons to keep coming back is by way of a “comp points” system, wherein every dollar spent on a particular casino game will grant you a certain number of said comp points, which you can then exchange into free credits and other goodies for more chances of playing and winning. Over at TopBet Casino, a sweet comp points system is also in place for their players to maximize their time spent on the online-casino floor.

Here’s a brief overview on comp points at TopBet Casino and how you can take full advantage of this wonderful perk.

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A Primer on TopBet Casino’s Comp Points Program


TopBet Casino knows full well that its players love to play and win a lot on online casinos. As such, the site provides plenty of opportunities for its players to win comp points to keep the good times rolling. In addition, TopBet Casino has leaderboards for Blackjack, Slots and Video Poker, wherein the top 3 comp-points earners in those respective games can split a $400 weekly bonus!

Simply put: comp points are one of the best ways that a player – win or lose – can get something back in return whenever they play their favorite online casino games. Every dollar spent is a comp point earned, and TopBet Casino certainly knows how to deliver the best comp points rewards over its competition.

After you successfully register for a new account at TopBet Casino, you’ll automatically be qualified for the site’s comp points program as well. Using the same TopBet Casino username and password, accessing your comp points profile on the site will be a breeze. And for every $1 spent, you will receive at least one comp point just by playing any game, and with certain games able to pay out even more than just one comp point for every dollar at that!

Head on over to the following links provided here to learn more about TopBet Casino’s leaderboards and comp points chart.

How to Turn Comp Points Into Cash Rewards

To view your comp points balance, sign-in with your TopBet Casino username and password found on the lower-left corner of TopBet Casino’s interface. Another way is to sign into your comp points account is through the member login portion found in the site’s comp points section.

To redeem your comp points, make sure that you’re logged into your TopBet Casino comp points account, pick the prize that you want from the menu, then follow the succeeding instructions after that. Cash rewards will be instantly credited to your main account’s bankroll once you’ve confirmed your chosen prize and can be withdrawn immediately for as long as there are no rollover requirements attached to the reward.


Now that you’ve had a crash course on the comp points system and the fulfilling rewards that you can get from it, signup for a TopBet Casino account now to start raking in spectacular wins and big bucks this very instant!


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