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Johnny Manziel’s Super Bowl 51 Appearance Schedule and Dates

Johnny Manziel’s Super Bowl 51 Appearance Schedule and Dates

Johnny Manziel’s Appearance Schedule in Super Bowl 51

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Where will Johnny Football be this coming Super Bowl Sunday? On top of an inflatable swan? Inside a Las Vegas restroom? Arguing with a girlfriend somewhere? We don’t know for sure. What we’re certain is that he’ll be at a couple of malls in Texas, cashing in on his still significant fame from February 2 to 3.

The former Texas A&M quarterback made an appearance on Feb. 2 at Katy Mills Mall in which he signed items and took pictures with fans. Manziel didn’t do it free of course because life outside of NFL isn’t as luxurious. Here’s how much money people shelled out during the event:

Signed items: $99

Photo with Johnny Football: $99

Added labels on items: $29

Here’s Johnny making an entrance to the Katy Mall event.

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Assuming that Manziel won’t get drunk with all the money he earned Thursday, expect him to be at Woodland Mall tonight, Feb. 3, from 7-8 p.m. doing that exact same activities he did last night.

It’s been a while since Manziel played a meaningful game of football. There’s no clear path yet back to the NFL for him but at least he’s still making money off his fame .

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