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Patriots vs Texans Point Spread – Biggest in AFC Divisional – January 9, 2017

Patriots vs Texans Point Spread – Biggest in AFC Divisional – January 9, 2017

Patriots Post Biggest AFC Divisional Point Spread Ever

Since the Super Bowl era began we’ve seen a lot of double digit spreads. In the playoffs, it’s a bit of a different ball game. It’s not a usual site. In fact, according to Pro Football Reference, there have only been three spreads of -16 or more points since the dawn of the Lombardi.

  • 1969 – Super Bowl III – Indianapolis Colts (-18) vs New York Jets (+18)
  • 1995 – Super Bowl XXIX – San Francisco 49ers (-19) vs. San Diego Chargers (+19)
  • 1999 – Divisional Playoffs – Minnesota Vikings (-16.5)vs. Arizona Cardinals (+16.5)

Well, move over Minnesota, the New England Patriots are the first team in the 21st century to accomplish the -16 point postseason spread. That’s not where it ends though, read ahead for more proof behind the point spread pudding.

Line: Houston Texans (+16) at New England Patriots (-16); total: 45.0  view all NFL lines

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Patriots Post Biggest Playoff Point Spread in 18 Years

The New England Patriots did something Sunday afternoon that hadn’t been done in nearly two decades – they opened as -15.5 point favorites over the Houston Texans. That line has since increased to -16 points and may even grow larger from there. It’s the largest opening postseason point spread since the Minnesota Vikings were favored by -16.5 over the Arizona Cardinals in 1999. Clearly the bookmakers have just about as much faith in Brock Osweiler as Bill O’Brien.

Brady Era Playoff Point Spreads

Here’s a ridiculous stat, since Tom Brady began his career there have been five playoff games with double digit spreads. That’s not that crazy, wait a second…here it comes, each of those games have featured the New England Patriots. Of those five games, the Pats were the favorite in four of the contests:

  • 2012; -13.5 point favorite over the Denver Broncos
  • 2007; -13.5 point favorite over the Jacksonville Jaguars
  • 2007; -14 point favorite over the San Diego Chargers
  • 2012; -12.5 point favorite over the New York Giants
  • 2002; +14 point underdogs to St. Louis Rams

AFC Divisional Prediction: Brady beats up Brock. Patriots win 45-10.

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