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NFL Survivor Pool Picks Week 6 – Tips, Advice, and Who to Avoid

NFL Survivor Pool Picks Week 6 – Tips, Advice, and Who to Avoid

You’ve brushed up on your NFL Survivor Pool contest strategy but don’t want to spend all day researching your Survivor picks this week. No sweat – we’ve got you covered. Have a look at a pair of teams that our TB News team feels are good picks, along with which teams to avoid for Week 6 of the wild 2020 season. Good luck!

NOTE:  Keep an eye out for any possible game postponements or cancellations due to Covid-19 team  outbreaks.  It’s a good idea to steer clear of picks from games that may be postponed or canceled.  Consult your NFL survivor contest rules on how postponed or canceled games are dealt with.  Also keep an eye out for late-week injuries that may affect your pick as these strategy articles are generally written early in the week.

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NFL Survivor Pool Week 6 Picks

Win One for Dak

Cowboys (2-3) vs Cardinals (3-2) Monday

Opening line: Cardinals, -2.0 points

The ‘Boys lost their leader for the season last week in an emotional scene where QB Dak
Prescott cried with pain while being carted off after his broken ankle seemingly defied the Pythagorean theorem by sticking out sideways at an inhuman angle.  The Cowboys were smart to sign ex-Bengals vet Andy Dalton in the offseason, and the ginger elf looked good leading the team to a last-second division victory against the Giants.  The Cowboys are at home against a very mediocre Arizona squad, and we don’t feel the Dallas offense will drop-off significantly as they still feature RB “Zeke” Elliot and star receivers Amari Cooper, CeeDee Lamb and Michael Gallup.  Dalton is a fine replacement for now, and the Cowboys may even use the switch at the pivot to open up the playbook some for talented RB Tony Pollard as TE Dalton Schulz stays in more to block for the less-mobile Dalton.  Get behind Dallas in what should prove to be an emotional win for the Cowboys.

bet on the dallas cowboys

If You Must

Eagles (1-3-1) vs Ravens (4-1), Sunday

Opening line: Ravens, -7.5 points

We don’t like to use our big guns early in the year, but it’s week 6 now in an unpredictable season so if you have a stable of good teams still left to choose later on you should consider the Ravens.  We feel the line will move higher as sharp money comes in during the week, as there is basically no predictable game-script that can be written with a fairy tale ending for this putrid Philly squad. The Eagles are so injured on offense that they must either hand the ball off or chuck it up for grabs within 1.5 seconds of the snap.  The O-Line “protection” for QB Carson Wentz is basically helium at this point, and the Ravens D is as always a fearsome unit.  Pencil in  an easy victory for Baltimore with at least one TD and 3 turnovers for their defense.

bet on the baltimore ravens

NFL Survivor Pool Week 6 Advice: Who to Avoid

“Battle Royale”

Browns (4-1) vs Steelers (4-0) , Sunday

Opening line: Steelers, -3.0 points

Every once in a while, as sports junkies, we must pass on the action and just sit back and watch drama unfold.  This AFC North division will be a bar-fight to the end between The Ravens and these Browns and Steelers.  Cleveland’s run game is near-unstoppable, even with backup Kareem Hunt leading the way now.  Pittsburgh features a ferocious defense and a sparkling array of receiving weapons for QB Big Ben Roethlisberger.  This one looks like a coin-flip in an important division game. Don’t pick either side, just get some wings and dogs cooking and enjoy what should be a classic smash-mouth battle!

“Bounceback Mountain”

49ers (2-3) vs Rams (4-1), Sunday Night

Opening line: Rams, -3.5 points

We just can’t quit you, 49ers.  We’ll give you a chance to bounce back from last week, where Miami and QB Ryan “FitzMagic” made the San Francisco defense disappear into thin air. The Niners are getting healthier, including QB Jimmy Garoppolo and rookie WR Deebo Samuel, and uber-coach Kyle Shanahan has had ample time this week to address any offensive concerns. 
The Rams have been a bit of a mirage this year, piecing together wins with a young and injured backfield, and doing just enough on defense to put together 4 wins so far.  We don’t dislike the Rams (especially Aaron Donald!), we just feel this is a pretty evenly-matched division game.  Find a better spot to push your chips in this week.

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